A-10 Tankbuster Warthogs Being Sent To Russia’s Doorstep, World War 3 Looming?

The United States is sending one dozen A-10 tankbuster jets to Vladimir Putin‘s doorstep in Russia as a part of Operation Atlantic Resolve. Approximately 300 airmen will also be sent to Spangdahlem in Germany.

The A-10 tankbuster jets being sent to the Russian region as a part of Operation Atlantic Resolve were reportedly first created to “take out” Soviet tanks during the 1970s. The U.S. Air Force is sending 12 of its “tankbuster” jets back Europe as part of the response to Russia’s intervention in Ukraine.

The tankbuster jets were stationed in Germany so they could be deployed quickly by European allies if deemed necessary. Senior government officials reportedly stated that the A-10s were being moved to the region in an effort to reassure allies that European security is still a “priority” following increasing tensions in the area.

“The Air Force is increasing rotational presence in Europe to reassure our allies and partner nations that our commitment to European security is a priority,” Tom Jones, vice commander, United States Air Forces in Europe – Air Forces Africa, said.

Stars and Stripes is reporting that the A-10 tankbuster jets they will be kept in Europe for about six months and then go on a new rotation. The tankbusters are also known as a Warthogs. The aircraft was designed to give support to ground troops faced with armored Soviet tanks.

The A-10 Warthogs are capable of carrying a vast array missiles and bombs. The tankbusters also come complete with a seven-barrel 30 mm Gatling gun which has the capacity to fire approximately 4,000 rounds per minute – enough firepower to blow up a tank. A “bathtub” titanium shell reportedly protects the A-10 from any ground fire.

The folks who laughed at President Barack Obama’s “The 80s called they want their foreign policy back,” retort to Mitt Romney’s reference to Russia still being a major foe of the Unite States, may be rethinking their chuckles now.
Concerns that Vladimir Putin may be actually preparing for World War 3 and not just posturing in the face of economic sanctions abound. When President Obama announced his executive order designed to “normalize relations” with Cuba, he stated that decades of economic sanctions against the island nation had failed and should be lifted because the common man is being hurt by the regulations.

Some political experts feel that following the president’s reasoning used to justify the change in Cuban policy means that the sanctions against Russia will have virtually no impact on Putin or other Russian leaders. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the most immediate and apparent fiscal hit stemming from the Russian economic sanctions has been levied against American dairy farmers. The “milk bust” of 2015 has many farmers literally pouring milk down the drain due to cancelled orders by Russian buyers.

What do you think about the possibility of World War 3 occurring and the tankbusters being sent to the Russian region?

[Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]