Amber Portwood Speaks Out: Is She Mad Farrah Abraham Is Coming Back To ‘Teen Mom’?

Amber Portwood is returning to MTV’s Teen Mom next month with the rest of the cast, including controversial Farrah Abraham. Initially, the cast was only to consist of Amber, Maci Bookout, and Catelynn Lowell. However, it was decided that the storyline didn’t seem complete without Farrah’s story. As a result, the reality show star turned adult entertainer was asked back, but not without causing a stir.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Teen Mom cast members, including Amber Portwood, are reportedly “dreading” Farrah’s return to the show. The report also claims that Farrah thinks she is the “star of the show” and doesn’t care what her cast mates think. However, while even the creator of Teen Mom has admitted that Farrah’s return did cause some controversy, are the girls really dreading her return?

It turns out that Amber Portwood may not be at all upset over Farrah’s return. She is the first cast member to speak out via Twitter about Farrah’s return, and it turns out what she said doesn’t match up with anything that is being reported!

This isn’t the first time that Amber has been accused of having animosity towards Farrah. In March 2014, when rumors that MTV was toying with the idea of bringing back Teen Mom for an all-new season, there were reports that Amber was the hold out, opting not to return to the show if Farrah came back. However, those reports were also discredited.

“People are saying Amber refused to be on the show if Farrah was brought back and that’s not true. She contacted Farrah just the other day and sending her love.”

Ever since Amber Portwood was released from prison, she has been nothing but loving and supportive towards, not only her cast mates, but also her fans. She seems to be much different than she was years ago when she first appeared on the hit MTV show. Back then, it was clear that Amber was on a downward spiral and had a lot of issues that needed to be dealt with. While she has certainly changed, she admits that she still isn’t perfect.

The new season of Teen Mom is set to air on March 23 and will reunite all the original cast members. Each person will have an all-new storyline, and everyone, including Amber Portwood, has most certainly changed since they first appeared on the show years ago.

[Images: via Twitter]