Pamela Anderson Divorces Husband Again: Will Third Time Actually Be For Real?

It looks like Pamela Anderson and her husband, Rick Salomon, will be divorcing for a third time, and this one might actually mean the marriage is over.

As the Inquisitr reported last year, Pamela Anderson had plans to call off their marriage for a second time, after the two got back together for just six months. A source close to Anderson revealed why the former Baywatch star was looking to separate from Salomon.

“She likes bad boys, and he’s too nice and boring. She had reservations, and now she realizes she should have listened to her instinct. She regrets ever saying yes.”

Shortly after that report, Pamela Anderson and her husband were caught kissing and still wearing their wedding rings. Anderson then called off the divorce, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times.

“Pamela Anderson has had a change of heart when it comes to breaking up with two-time husband Rick Salomon, reportedly filing papers asking that her recent divorce petition be tossed out by the court.”

But from what TMZ is now reporting, it looks like Anderson and Salomon have separated yet again as of this past Tuesday. Documents show that Anderson filed for divorce on Wednesday, but no reason was given as to why the couple are calling it quits for the third time.

Anderson and Salomon were first married in 2007 for just two months before having their marriage annulled in 2008. The two were then spotted on a beach in Biarritz, France in the fall of 2013, and were remarried by January of 2014. Pamela had revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that she was happy that she and Rick got back together.

“I don’t want to meet anyone else.”

But Pamela also did make a joke out of the fact that the two were back together five years after their first divorce.

“It’s recycling. No, I’m very happy. We’re happy. He’s a great guy.”

Pamela Anderson was previously married to Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, with whom she has two children. Anderson was first seeking divorce from Lee after the birth of their first child, but then withdrew the proceedings 10 days after filing. She then sought divorce after the birth of their second child due to Lee’s behavior, according to a statement via People Magazine.

“[Pamela Anderson] is and has been the victim of spousal abuse.”

Lee was arrested by police and spent six months in jail on a felony charge of abuse.

Pamela Anderson then got married to another rocker. In July of 2006, Anderson and Kid Rock got hitched and held three separate ceremonies to celebrate the special occasion. But the marriage didn’t last long, as the two divorced in November of that year.

[Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images]