‘Just Cause 3’ Trailer ‘Firestarter’ Drops Destruction Through Rico’s Eyes

The first Just Cause 3 trailer is called “Firestarter” and promises lots of destruction through the eyes of Rico Rodriguez. The music sounds like a warped lounge rendition of the Prodigy song the trailer seems to be named after.

Just Cause is a series of titles which feature a South American dictator as the target of a military organization known as the Agency. Rodriguez is sent in to take him out every time in an open world environment for various reasons. The first game involved a drug cartel and a weapon of mass destruction while the second game featured a former mentor gone rogue in a country whose leader had suddenly cut ties with the U.S..

It is unknown yet what the Just Cause 3 story will be, but the new target appears to be General Di Ravello, and the Just Cause 3 trailer indicates there will probably be a fiery resolution involved. This could mean a weapon of mass destruction is being used as a leverage device, as Rodriguez is once again being sent in to stop the man in control of it.

With JC 2 having been a huge commercial success, Avalanche Studios is looking to fully use the technology available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to deliver an even deeper game than before. Literally deeper, the game will have subterranean areas and buildings to climb with the usual grappling hook, adding a new degree of verticality to the Just Cause 3 gameplay. Taking a supposed queue from Far Cry 4, Rico Rodriguez will have a wing suit allowing him to fly across the new terrain and take in the improved view.

While the first minute or so of the Just Cause 3 trailer seems like little more than a montage of fire and destruction, we find out in the end that this is all what Rodriguez expects to happen as the video zooms out from his eye.

According to the trailer, the Just Cause 3 release date is set for the Holidays 2015.

[Image via YouTube]