‘The Bachelor’ 2015 Star Chris Soules Talks Wedding Planning, Valentine’s Day With Final Lady

ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 star Chris Soules is reportedly in love and engaged to his chosen lady from this season, though viewers won’t see for certain just who that is for a bit yet. Of course fans will get to hear plenty from Chris and his lady love at the finale, but he did make a few references to the relationship in a recent chat and it certainly sounds as if all is well.

Kristin Dos Santos of E! Online chatted with Chris Soules and he definitely looks happy. If there’s one thing Bachelor fans have picked up on about Soules this season, both on the show and in interviews, it’s that he doesn’t seem to have a great poker face. Though some tabloids this week are claiming that Chris is engaged to one lady from the show but in love with another, there’s no hint of that in this interview.

Soules admits that he’s a bit of a procrastinator and he clearly doesn’t have any grand, romantic gestures up his sleeve for his lady for Valentine’s Day. He does admit, though, that this particular lady would probably like the touch of a homemade card or something like that. Fans who have kept up with Reality Steve’s spoilers regarding Soules’ final pick can probably nod at that description about liking personal, handmade gestures and guess that it fits his supposed final choice.

What about wedding planning? As Us Weekly via Reality TV World recently shared, Chris does already have a bit of a vision for his wedding. The Bachelor 2015 star says that it would be in August at the family farm in Arlington, Iowa.

Chris says they’d spend money renovating one of the barns and the guests would get crazy and celebrate love. According to previous Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve, fans will get a glimpse of what that kind of setting might look like, as the family reportedly remodeled a building on one of their properties for the final rose ceremony.

Does that mean that fans should be counting down to a big Bachelor wedding this summer? Not so fast, it seems. Soules tells Dos Santos that there’s no specific wedding planning happening just yet. Chris says he and his final lady haven’t gotten to that stage yet.

While there may not be a wedding date pinned down yet, it does seem as if Chris and his final rose recipient are doing well. Just who is that lady? Fans will get a couple of steps closer to finding out with new episodes airing on both Sunday, February 15 and Monday, February 16. Sunday’s show will start with seven ladies, and by the end of Monday night, only the final three will remain.

Does Chris Soules find his soulmate this season on ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season? Fans hope so and they can’t wait to find out.

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]