Man Claims To Be Jesus Christ, Wanted To Set Himself On Fire

If you ask him, Kenneth Ankerson would claim that he is the living Jesus Christ. He'd also let you know how he wanted to set his wife's house on fire before setting himself on fire.

Get Reading refers to the 45-year-old Ankerson as "unhinged," although I doubt many would refute that, after claiming that he was going to "buy petrol, torch his wife's home, and then set himself alight."

Ankerson, of the U.K., shared these plans with a social worker after referring to himself as both "Lord Ankerson" and "Jesus Christ." Thankfully, the social workers took this Christ wannabe's threats seriously and reported him.

It appears that the incident began last March, when Ankerson, a.k.a. Jesus, went to the offices of Bracknell Forest Council and "demanded to see social workers about a family matter."

Once Ankerson shared his not very Christ-like plans with the social workers, the police were called. Ankerson was arrested and later convicted.

Ankerson's lawyer, Andrew Storch, argued that the conviction wasn't fair.

Storch argued that there were other things that the social workers didn't take seriously, like Ankerson wanting to be called "Lord Ankerson" and "Jesus Christ." Storch claimed that if they didn't believe Ankerson's statements about this, then there is the possibility that they truly didn't believe that he was going to set his wife's house or himself on fire.

Storch added, "This was a man full of random, waffling, absurd statements, among which was a threat."

Storch then referred to Ankerson as "slightly unhinged" and claimed that "his threat was unlikely to be in earnest."

What's even scarier is that Ankerson isn't the first person to refer to himself as "Jesus Christ" and then think of committing a heinous crime.

There was the Ohio country club bartender who also referred to himself as "Jesus Christ." Of course, then he wanted to kill House Speaker John Boehner "because he believed the Ohio congressman was responsible for Ebola," according to Fox News.

Michael R. Hoyt, the American Jesus Christ, was indicted on January 7. In the criminal complaint, Hoyt thought that as Jesus Christ, he had to punish the man who started Ebola, Boehner, and therefore was planning to poison a drink that he served the House Speaker, who was a member of the country club Hoyt worked at.

I think that leaves just one question. Why are all these "unhinged" criminals choosing to claim they are Jesus Christ, a preacher of nothing but love, in order to commit murder and other heinous crimes?