Jakarta Man Takes Own Father Hostage For Cash

It was a case of keeping it all in the family when a man in Jakarta was shot twice by police after taking his own father hostage. Apparently, he desperately needed the cash to pay a debt, and this wasn’t actually the first time he tried something like this.

The situation ended up being tense on Thursday as the man, Misnawi, held his own father hostage in a small mosque in the Proppo sub-district of Jakarta, capital of Indonesia. He threatened to kill his father, holding a sickle to this throat, unless relatives coughed up U.S. $1,600 in ransom money.

Apparently, Misnawi badly needed the cash, as he owed a debt of U.S. $469 to people in East Kalimantan, where he works on an oil palm plantation.

The Jakarta Post reported that things became so heated that police were led to deploy sharpshooters to the mosque in an effort to diffuse the situation between Misnawi and his elderly father, Sinaton.

According to the local language news service, Surya Online, Misnawi refused to remove the sickle from his father’s throat, despite the fact police gave him 12 hours notice to unconditionally release his father or face the consequences. That news service has a photo showing the man holding his father hostage.

Tweet translation: “Misnawi held his father hostage in the Demabuh Laok hamlet, Jambringin, Proppo, SC.”

A police spokesperson said officers preferred to try using persuasion to solve the problem and only use force as a last resort. However, despite both talking to the man and the use of some tear gas, Misnawi would not back down and refused to surrender. This led police officers to shoot him twice, injuring the man. He was then taken to hospital for treatment.

The Jakarta News notes that this situation was nothing new, as Sinaton is apparently the second person Misnawi has held hostage since his return from East Kalimantan. Tuesday saw him holding his 13-year-old cousin Adi hostage, but the school student apparently managed to escape and run away on Thursday, leading Misnawi to then take his father hostage as a replacement.

The Inquisitr reported on another hostage situation recently and how rescue attempts failed in the case of Kayla Mueller, as more details of her hostage situation surface.

[Image: Jakarta street CC by-SA mw. J.J.H.G. (Janneke) van Dijk]