‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Producer Says It’s Possible To Add New Skyhold Outfits, But Fans Shouldn’t Expect It

Whenever users visit the player-run keep of Skyhold in Dragon Age: Inquisition, their in-game character is forced to wear a secondary outfit instead of their adventuring armor. The decision to remove player’s choice as to what they are allowed to wear within their own outpost seems to be a frequent source of complaints from fans who feel that the lack of options seems out of place in a game that otherwise allows them to dictate their appearance in Dragon Age: Inquisition by choosing their rack, gender, and clothing outside of Skyhold.

Speaking about the mandatory Skyhold outfit, Dragon Age: Inquisition Executive Producer Mark Darrah admitted to fans that BioWare could add additional clothing options for players to wear within the their stronghold. However, the developer simply doesn’t currently have any plans to create any such outfits choices for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Its possible but we aren’t actively working on that ATM.

So, for now, it appears that Dragon Age: Inquisition fans will simply have to accept wearing the default costume whenever they return to Skyhold. The outfit, which dresses the game’s protagonist in matching linen top and bottoms, is often compared to a set of pajamas.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

While BioWare might not be interested in giving players new clothing options to use in Dragon Age: Inquisition, the developer is now working on introducing several new features to the game as reported earlier this week by the Inquisitr. After listening to player feedback, the studio is trying to add more storage and a way for Dragon Age: Inquisition users to be able to change their characters appearance after creation since these are among the most commonly requested features.

The success and accolades that Dragon Age: Inquisition has achieved thus far will likely allow the team to continue to support the game with additional content in the future. According to a Gamespot report, EA CFO Black Jorgensen recently praised the newest installment of BioWare’s popular role-playing series. Due to its financial performance and awards, Jorgensen stated that Dragon Age: Inquisition has shown that the franchise has the potential to grow.

In addition to working on new player-requested features for Dragon Age: Inquisition, the team behind the fantasy series has now also begun work on the title’s first DLC add-on. However, even with lots of new content currently in development, fans of Dragon Age: Inquisition still won’t be able to get a new change of clothes while visiting their strongholds.

Does Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s default outfit for Skyhold bother you?

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