Apparent Launch Window For Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Leaks, And It’s Sooner Than You Might Think

Samsung is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world, and the company’s Galaxy S6 is one of the most anticipated handsets of 2015. So far, though, little has leaked regarding when Galaxy lovers can expect Samsung’s next flagship. That appears to have changed, and Samsung fans anxious for an update can now start saving the date for when they can pick up the Galaxy S6.

Samsung will likely reveal the Galaxy S6 in early March at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but this iteration of the company’s bestselling Galaxy S line of devices has been surprisingly short on leaks. Tech news outlets have seen a good deal in terms of rumored designs for the Galaxy S6, but not nearly as much as in years past. It’s been no secret that Samsung will likely release the Galaxy S6 somewhere around the end of 2015’s first quarter, but exact windows for that release have been lacking… until now, that is.

samsung galaxy s6 release date

PhoneArena has reportedly come across an internal document from Samsung [h/t: TechnoBuffalo], showing that the Galaxy S6 will have a late March launch window. Reportedly, Samsung employees aren’t being allowed to schedule vacation time between March 22 and March 30, leading observers to believe that the Galaxy S6 will launch either on March 22 or in the days following.

What’s more, Samsung supposedly has a second vacation blackout scheduled for April 19 through April 27. That second blackout span could well cover a second major rollout, one for the Galaxy Edge, though it could also signal that Samsung intends to roll out the Galaxy S6 in stages instead of as a single global release.

It’s nigh impossible to tell whether the supposed leaked documents are legit, but the tech world is just about due for a refresh in the Galaxy S line, and we are coming up on the period that Samsung usually introduces its flagship Android devices. Those two factors don’t fully confirm PhoneArena‘s leak, of course, but they do lend some credence to the possibility that we’ll see a Galaxy S6 launch in late March.

Just what can tech lovers expect from Samsung in the coming weeks? The South Korean tech giant has long suffered criticism from industry observers over the build quality of Galaxy S devices, and the Galaxy S6 is expected to represent Samsung’s response to that criticism.

samsung galaxy s6 release date

Up until last year, Samsung’s smartphones used plastic in their construction, a standard that Samsung only began to drift away from with the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Alpha. The Galaxy S6 is expected to continue the trend toward higher quality build materials, with Samsung reportedly opting for a metal unibody design not unlike those seen with Apple’s iPhones and HTC’s One line of handsets.

In addition to the switch to an aluminum chassis construction, Samsung is also expected to leverage its expertise in display manufacturing to bring yet another differentiating design choice to the Galaxy S6. Reportedly, Samsung will unveil a variant on the Galaxy S6 called the Galaxy Edge. That variant is said to have the same sort of curved display seen on last year’s Galaxy Note Edge, though Samsung may up the ante this year and curve both sides of the Galaxy Edge’s display. Otherwise, the handset is expected to feature the same internal specifications seen in the Galaxy S6.

Inside, the Galaxy S6 and the rumored Galaxy Edge are expected to pack Snapdragon 810 processors, powerful chips that would drive Quad HD displays. Samsung may also make use of ePoP memory modules, which would allow the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Edge to conserve internal space for larger batteries.