Alabama Cop Arrested For Partially Paralyzing Indian Grandfather

Police Officer Eric Parker of the Madison City Police Department was arrested this Thursday on an assault charge for body-slamming an Indian man on the ground, leaving him partially paralyzed.

The 57-year-old Indian man, Sureshbhai Patel, had traveled to Madison to visit his son just a week before the incident, which a report on NBC News indicates left him with a paralyzed left leg and an inability to make a tight grip after previously having no health problems, according to his son Chirag Patel.

Sureshbhai traveled to Alabama from Pij, India, and was staying with his son and daughter-in-law to assist with caring for their 17-month-old child while Chirag worked and attended graduate school at the University of Alabama.

The day of the incident, a caller dialed 911 to inform police that there was someone they’d never seen before walking around the neighborhood. The caller described the individual, who was Patel, as “a skinny black guy.”

The older Patel, who speaks no English, was then approached by police officers responding to the call and asked where he lived. What transpired was caught on video between two dashcams recording from within officer’s vehicles.

As the officers questioned where he lived, he repeatedly pointed down the block and attempted to head in that direction, however, each time he did so, the officers restrained him and continued to question him, asking him not to walk away until the point at which the officers decide to cuff him.

Once handcuffed, the officers began to pat the grandfather down while they ordered him, in English, not to walk away. Parker then slams the 57-year-old Patel into the ground. The officers then attempt to bring him back up to his feet, but Patel is clearly injured and unable to stand.

The officers then called for paramedics while continuing to discuss Patel’s inability to speak English as they questioned him in English.

Madison Police Chief Larry Muncey said that Officer Parker was not justified in stopping and throwing Mr. Patel on the ground.

I found that Officer Eric Parker’s actions did not meet the high standards and expectations of the Madison City Police Department… For that, I sincerely apologize to Mr. Patel, his family and our community. Our desire is to exceed everyone’s expectations

Muncey, who said that he felt sorry for what had happened to the elder Mr. Patel, indicated that he had recommended in proposed disciplinary action that Eric be fired. He also indicated that Parker had turned himself in and that he had been charged with third-degree assault. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is now investigating the incident to determine whether there were any violations of federal law.

On Thursday, Madison police released dashcam videos of the incident and audio of the 911 call which lead to the confrontation.

Arguing that the cops used excessive force – and that they had no reason to stop or search him on a public sidewalk – an attorney representing Sureshbhai reportedly filed a lawsuit in federal court on Thursday.

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What are your thoughts on what happened to this Indian grandfather as a result of his encounter with local law enforcement?