Alien Crash Landing Off Devon Coast, UK? UFO Video Footage Sparks Worldwide Speculation

Has a fixed camera on a U.K. beach captured a craft crashing from outer space, or was it just remnants of burning space rubble? Footage shot from a stationary camera at Dawlish Beach shows a giant glowing UFO dramatically streaking through the night sky before appearing to land in the sea off Devon Coast.

Described as a meteor, the operator of the fixed camera later wrote on Facebook, “What was caught on camera the other night? Was it a bird or a plane, maybe even Superman?”

Many sky-watchers took to social networks to discuss the early Wednesday morning sighting, with some speculating it was a UFO from outer space.

The video was caught by a camera that overlooks the Dawlish railway line — which was destroyed by storms one year ago this week.

On the day before the video was captured, York residents also reported seeing a ball of fire “falling out of the sky,” according to local media. And in June 2014, a “green fireball meteor” was caught on camera by an observatory in the same Devon area.

[Image via Telegraph]