Road Rage Driver Punches Out Car Window With A Single Blow In Viral Video

An angry motorist shattered another driver’s window with a single punch in a stunning road rage incident, and video of the interaction has gone viral after it made its way online.

In the 15-second-clip, a man identifying himself as a father angrily approaches the passenger window of a stopped car, rage apparent on his face. It appears from the context of the video that both the cars belonging to the man filming and the aggressor had pulled off to the side of the road. Though it is unknown what sparked the road rage incident, the angry man knocks on the window and begins unleashing obscenities, relating that he has a child in his car.

“I got a kid in my f****** car and you are driving like an a******* and want to video tape me. F*** you.”

The driver filming the interaction, who has until that point remained silent, asks simply “Is that all?” In a shocking display of rage, the father lashes out, punching his way through the man’s passenger window with a single blow. The furious man then turns and stalks away down the road, as the driver turns the camera back on his face, sighing, and appears to smile.

Though details of the video, which was posted to YouTube under the title “ROAD RAGE guy shatters GTI window CORKYS reaction PRICELESS parenting at its finest,” are scarce, both drivers are speaking with American accents, and appear dressed for cold weather. The video was uploaded by Zach Harris, who added a short rebuke in his description of the incident.

“*Disclaimer*: No children were hurt in the making of this video. No racing occurred either. I think he was the child in the car he was talking about.”

Last December, video of another road rage incident spread online. Filmed by two teenage girls, it depicts a woman in a pickup truck attempting to force them off the road, before hitting their car and following them off the highway. The girls were directed to a police officer after calling 911, and 50-year-old Dierdre Orozco was arrested for the road rage incident, charged with reckless driving, resisting arrest, and assault with a deadly weapon. Astonishingly, the incident transpired just one day after Orozco was released from jail.

It is unclear whether police were contacted or charges were filed against the incensed driver who shattered the window in the road rage incident.

[Image: YouTube/ Zach Harris via the Daily Mail]