WWE News: WWE NXT Diva Charlotte Said To Not Fit The WWE Diva Super Model Image, Will It Cost Her A Main Roster Spot?

WWE NXT Diva Charlotte once again proved at WWE NXT: Rival that she was one of the top wrestling females in the world today. The real life daughter of Ric Flair is considered by most fans to be the future of the Diva Division in WWE. Don’t tell this to WWE management however, because despite how clearly impressive she has come across in NXT, WWE upper management is not sold on her yet.

According to Daily Wrestling News, the former NXT Women’s Champion has many detractors in management. While people such as Triple H massively support her and think she will be huge for WWE, many are still focused on having the “super model image” for WWE Divas. The image is by no means helping the company, yet NXT has proven that you can look any way and still be a star if allowed to show what you have.

On WWE NXT: Rival, four women were allowed to show what they had in a fatal four way that exceeded even the smallest detractor’s negativity on Diva matches. Yet upper management wants to keep the current image alive?

It is felt that Charlotte, despite being in impressive shape and beautiful, does not fit the WWE Diva image WWE has built up the last number of years. Negative image or not, many feel that every Diva should be the same in that case. That is why the top Divas typically have that type of image and those with major talent, barring Paige as of late, are pushed back.

Charlotte may not be a “super model” type but that is what makes her awesome. She doesn’t fit that stupid role that has made the WWE Diva’s Division the laughing stock of professional wrestling the last number of years since Lita and Trish Stratus left. Former Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis created a moronic movement in female hiring that was supposed to be marketable, but in doing so killed what makes a female division work.

Flair family

Today, fans do not care as much about looks as they do wrestling. If a girl can wrestle, her image is secondary. WWE is PG, so looks aren’t as big of a deal in a world where women aren’t put into situations where they remove their clothing like it was during the TV-14 era. You needed hot women then that were able to look good in any position you put them in.

Today, those women aren’t as needed because the image of the model doesn’t work without an edgy format. So why not kill that off in favor of a formula exactly like NXT where “wrestling” and promo ability is the important factor? You can still develop a women’s look to market it, but talent is not something you can truly coach into someone. You either have it or you don’t. Look at Eva Marie for example. A smoking hot woman that is clearly the WWE norm, but she sucks in the ring and on the mic. Yet WWE would push her over a person like Charlotte at this point.

Where is the justice for that kind of thing?

While it seems that Triple H is trying to change a lot of things down in NXT to make the future brighter on the main roster, it has been catching some heat with upper management who do not feel that certain people should be considered for the type of role Triple H foresees. Charlotte is certainly not alone in NXT negativity. Thankfully, due to his position, Triple H may be able to help NXT talent not only get a chance on the main roster but also excel in the role they have.

Due to the fact that Triple H is high on her, Charlotte is expected to be on WWE’s main roster soon. That does not mean she’ll be booked well or used a lot however. Many expect her to be on the main roster regularly sometime soon after WrestleMania. Most likely, she’ll appear on the hot WWE RAW show right after Mania. This is a show a lot of people love to be part of. We’ll have to see. Her dropping the NXT Women’s Title recently was WWE’s way of beginning to write her off of NXT and into main roster stories.

[IMG Credits: DailyDDT.com, Huffington Post.]