Ellie Goulding Intimidates Everyone When She Runs

Ellie Goulding is best known for her strong, softly-accented voice, but she likes to keep all her muscles in good shape. The 27-year old singer told People Magazine recently that she can’t stand performing unless she’s exercised her body a little bit first.

“Sometimes I can’t go onstage unless I know I’ve done something during the day to open up my lungs. I run around onstage and there’s nothing worse than going out there feeling like your body has been crumpled up in place all day,” Goulding said.

Ellie says she’s a force to be reckoned with when she’s running, a pastime she’s very passionate about. So passionate, in fact, that she’s taken part in five half-marathons and is a spokesperson for Nike.

“I can never find anyone who wants to run with me other than trainers. I feel like I run pretty fast and everyone’s intimated by me!” Goulding says.

Ellie’s hit “Love Me Like You Do” has been getting quite a bit of attention this week ahead of the release of Fifty Shades Of Grey, which boasts the song on its soundtrack. The singer took to Twitter to express her gratitude after the song made it to number-one single status around the world.

Goulding was spotted in Australia earlier this week with boyfriend Dougie Poynter, whose band is joining One Direction on tour. The trip made headlines because Goulding briefly dated One Direction’s Niall Horan before she and Poynter got together, but Poynter says it’s a non-issue.

“We’re all big enough and ugly enough to not really care… we all have exes, don’t we. It’s not a big deal, it’s not like it was a marriage,” Poynter said.

Ellie may be the picture of sweetness, with her pale hair and soft, lilting voice, but she told the Telegraph in 2012 that she does have a dark side. According to the site, she sought therapy when she was younger after suffering panic attacks and was told they were caused by having “reinvented” herself by leaving behind her Herefordshire accent.

“There’s another girl who was meant to go down the bad route: dead-end jobs, drugs, being gobby, not giving a f***. And that’s my dark side, I suppose, and I have to accept it will never fully leave me,” Ellie Goulding said.

[Image via Vevo/YouTube]