Danny Masterson Lashes Out At Scientology Documentary ‘Going Clear’

Scientologist Danny Masterson has a few choice words about filmmaker Alex Gibney’s controversial documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief. In short: The former That ’70s Show star isn’t too thrilled about its existence.

Based on the book by author Lawrence Wright, Going Clear takes an “inside look” at the inner workings of the Church of Scientology. In case you haven’t heard, the religion is notoriously secretive and does its best to keep specifics out of the public eye. Not surprisingly, Danny Masterson didn’t have many kind things to say about the flick.

According to Us Weekly, Masterson sat down with the folks over at Paper Magazine ahead of the film’s screening at the Sundance Film Festival. In addition to taking aim at Going Clear, Masterson also lashed out at Wright’s book, claiming the work was completely banned in Canada and the United Kingdom due to “libel laws.”

Danny Masterson didn’t hold back while chatting up Paper Magazine.

“I heard about that documentary; the documentary where they interviewed eight people who hate Scientology. Should be pretty interesting. I wonder if Sundance would allow a documentary of, like, eight people who hate Judaism. But you know, my religion’s fair game, I guess, ’cause it’s new.”

The Daily Mail explains that Masterson isn’t at all interested in discussing his beliefs with this general public. When it comes to L. Ron Hubbard, the award-winning author who founded Scientology, the actor referred to him as a “f***ing guy who wrote awesome sh** that I love studying.” It’s as simple as that.

Should you decide to poke the bearded bear and ask him to delve into the specifics of his chosen religion, chances are you’ll get this kind of response.

“If people start like asking questions in a way where I feel like they have an ulterior motive, I’m just like, “Dude, just go buy a f***ing book and read it and decide for your f***ing self what it means. I don’t have time to have this conversation with you.'”

Getting worked up about his religion isn’t the only thing Danny Masterson does these days. The actor also stars alongside Pierce Brosnan, Ashley Greene, and Alexis Knapp in the upcoming thriller Urge. Directed by Machete Kills producer Aaron Kaufman, the film follows a group of friends who end up experimenting with a designer drug that allows them to act on their wildest urges. As of this writing, the movie doesn’t have a release date.

Do you agree with Danny Masterson that Going Clear is just a documentary by a group of people who really hate Scientology?

[Lead image via Ben Gabbe / Stringer / Getty Images Entertainment]