Ever Felt Anti-Social On Your Xbox One? Microsoft Looks To Change That

Yesterday, Microsoft released the first system update to the Xbox One for 2015. With features that surround sharing, social activity, and friend suggestions, Microsoft seems to be pushing the Xbox One into being a social media platform of sorts. Here are the highlights.

Activity Feed

According to Gamespot, the Xbox One’s activity feed is now accessible through the Xbox website. The online feed will track all sorts of things your friends are getting up to without you, such as their achievements and Game DVR clips. The Activity Feed can also be accessed through Xbox’s Smart Glass app.

Friend Suggestion

Your friendly Xbox One doesn’t want you to be lonely, so if you haven’t made Xbox owning friends on your own, Microsoft is now happy to suggest friends for you. Rather than pulling from an email list or other social media site, according to Gotta Be Mobile, the friends suggestions are presented based on people who play similar games to you.

Game Hub

Meanwhile, the Christian Post reported on the new “Game Hub,” which groups content, tips, and social activities for a game all in one area.

“The Game Hub can be accessed by pressing the menu button and choosing the preferred game in the dashboard. In the dashboard, gamers can check their friends who are also playing and compare abilities and standing in the global leader boards. Fans and developers also share new reports and updates on the feed and this will keep the players in the loop.”

Gotta Be Mobile suggests that many of these updates are taking Xbox Live in a direction not unlike that of Sony’s online interface for the PlayStation.

“Since arriving on the original Xbox.com, Xbox Live has always felt like a gaming service with some pretty basic social networking features bolted on for added effect… The result [of the updates] is an Xbox Live that not only matches a lot of what’s available on Sony’s PS4, but also stands out in its own right. Microsoft seems to be hoping that making Xbox Live a more social place leads to a sort of halo effect for console sales. In theory, shoppers are more likely to purchase an Xbox console if they have friends who’re already at home on Xbox Live.”

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[Image from Gotta Be Mobile]