Teddy Bear Used To Lure 5-Year Old Girl For Sex, Louis Ponterio Arrested At Econo Lodge Motel

A teddy bear was used to lure a 5-year old girl to have sex with a grown man in Virginia. New York Daily Mail is reporting that 54-year-old Louis Ponterio wanted to have sex with the child so much that he brought a teddy bear to entice her. Henrico County law enforcement officials say that Ponterio had communicated with a person online who had agreed to arrange the meeting between Ponterio, a woman, and a 5-year-old child.

Police say the investigation revealed that the little girl was not just along for the ride, but that it was clear that Ponterio was eager to have sexual intercourse with the girl. The lewd act was to take place in room 116 at the Econo Lodge Motel. When Ponterio arrived at the location, he was immediately arrested.

Along with the teddy bear, police found a sex toy, marijuana, kisses, and cough syrup in his possession, according to a report by CBS-6.

Federal authorities also confiscated items at the suspect’s home, which included weapons and marijuana. Ponterio is charged with illegal possession of weapons and sex with a minor. He is currently being held in the Henrico County Jail with no bond.

Henrico Police spokesman Lt. Chris Eley gave the following statement concerning the arrest.

“Members of the Henrico County Police Division’s Vice Unit received information that Ponterio had attempted to procure a minor for the purpose of a sexual relationship… On February 6, 2015, Ponterio communicated with an individual who he believed was arranging an encounter with a minor. On February 7, 2015, Ponterio was arrested in the 5200 block of Williamsburg Road after he traveled to Henrico County with intent to engage in sexual activity with a minor.”

Visitors at the Econo Lodge were shocked by Saturday’s arrest. News of his arrest also sent waves of anger and fear among readers who called for the most brutal treatment possible for this sex offender. Here are some of their suggestions.

“Slice his **** off and stuff it up his a**.”

“Please cut his off! ****He will just keep doing it. Those people are sick!”

“Put him alive in a crematorium!”

“Throw this pig in the slammer!”

“Should use him for police target [practice] [all comments sic]”

Most readers were happy that the sex offender was caught before he could actually abuse the 5-year old girl. The world of sex trafficking is big business, and small children, unfortunately, are prime targets for sex offenders of all ages. No word on when Louis Ponterio is due in court.

[Photo Credit: Twitter]