Teen’s Tweet Trouble Leads To Twitter ‘Fame’ And ‘GoFundMe’ Page

A Texas teen’s tweet got her into trouble with her new employer, and now she’s jobless — but doesn’t seem to be too upset over it. The teen, Cella (according to her Twitter profile), found out what can happen when you tweet about hating your job on social media, or in this case, tweeting about hating your job before you even start.

The teen tweeted using expletives about dreading her first day of work at a pizza place, Jet’s Pizza, in Mansfield, Texas.

” ‘Ew I start this f*** a** job tomorrow’ and added multiple ‘thumbs down’ emoticons.”

Allegedly, one of her would-be co-workers found the tweet and shared it with the owner of the pizza place, Robert Waple, who then fired the teen publicly via Twitter.

“And… no you don’t start that FA job today! I just fired you! Good luck with your no money, no job life!”

Waple joined Twitter in March 2009, according to his profile, and hadn’t been active on the website for quite some time. He had only tweeted once before responding to the teen. All of Waple’s tweets have now been deleted, but before he deleted them, the tweet firing the teen had been retweeted over 3,000 times and favorited more than 4,000 times. Screenshots of the tweet have also been taken and shared.

Twitter users had mixed reactions — some thought it was inappropriate and unprofessional for her boss to have fired her so publicly while others blasted the teen for complaining about the job online and then bragging about getting fired. The most recent reactions consist of people from all over the world tweeting to her that they’ve read her story and she’s “famous” in various countries such as Germany, Mexico, and Argentina.

Former employees of Jet’s Pizza tweeted their former boss, telling Waple what they really thought of working for him. One Twitter user was pretty candid with his tweet.

“Just thought you should know I was stoned out of my mind every time I went into work, and your pizza sucks.”

Waple responded to the tweet by writing, “Being high would only partly explain how you could deliver a pizza to the wrong house… multiple times. You have no hockey skills.”

Now a fundraiser has been started for Cella on GoFundMe by Priscella Thompson according to the page, which says, “Raising money to get justice for cella. [sic]” The Inquisitr recently reported some Twitter users have advised the teen to take legal action. Could this fundraiser be in response to the advice? As of this posting, zero dollars have been raised.

Jet’s Pizza is a local franchise, and Jet’s America, Inc. is the franchisor. A spokeswoman for the franchisor issued a statement to FoxNews.com.

“The location in question is an independently owned and operated franchise store. Jet’s America, Inc., as the franchisor, cannot dictate the employment practices or decisions of independently owned and operated franchise businesses. Nevertheless, Jet’s regrets to see the manner in which this situation has been handled by the parties involved.”

What do you think about the teen’s tweet trouble? Should she have been fired, and if so, was it wrong of her employer to do it publicly on Twitter?

[Image courtesy of Fox News/Google Maps]