Obama Selfies: Conservatives Appalled At 'Goofy' Images In Obamacare Video

Obama selfies taken during the filming of a video for BuzzFeed has the opposition up in arms at what they see as the President's general "out of touch" attitude, while the world is immersed in a deadly fight against terrorism and other regional conflicts.

A day after President Obama officially -- many say finally -- went to Congress to request the Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) -- a decision met with more questions than answers -- a new video reveals what the leader of the free world was doing during the interview. The clip in question was part of the push to promote signing up for Obamacare before the February 15 deadline.

Obama had time to take selfies and stand in goofy poses, which are now making the rounds on the internet and have been the topic of conversation on cable news. As expected, the President's critics immediately jumped the gun and criticized Obama for having time for selfies while the world around him crumbles.

Let's take a look at what's going on. The American Embassy in Yemen was forced to shut down, in a controversial move, due to security concerns for personnel. The problem is, just two years ago, President Obama praised the progress made in the African country and its U.S. backed government, which are now history.

Obama's selfies also come amid the potential war against ISIS, officially. Experts have criticized the President for not having a clear strategy in the fight against the terrorist group responsible for several beheadings of American citizens, the burning alive of a Jordanian pilot, and most recently the death of American hostage Kayla Mueller. Incidentally, it has been revealed that the video was shot on the day the White House announced Mueller was dead.

It was after the first gruesome beheading video, the one of James Foley in August, when Obama first came under fire for what he later admitted was a bad idea on his part. After making brief remarks following Foley's murder at the hands of an ISIS terrorist, condemning the act, Obama immediately returned to play golf with a celebrity, for which he has been relentlessly chastised.

Nobody can expect the President to be serious and concerned 24/7. However, Obama seems to have bad timing, if one listens to his detractors. It doesn't look good that while King Abdullah of Jordan rushed back home to up the ante after ISIS burned his pilot alive and intensify their bombing campaign, Obama has time to take selfies and goof around for an online video. It's a matter of timing, critics argue.

It may be a case of not being in tune with the times. Obama is 53-years-old, young by all means, and he is clearly trying to appeal to the millennials, which came out to vote for him in large numbers in 2008. If not, why would he agree to do YouTube interviews with a woman who eats Fruit Loops in her bathtub, instead of taking hard hitting questions from reputable journalists?

The Obama selfies also come on the day when ISIS is reportedly at the doorsteps of one of the American bases in Iraq, where U.S. Marines are stationed. Perhaps Obama's critics wouldn't be so appalled at the lighthearted images if the president timed them so they wouldn't come at a time when extremely serious matters are on the line.

[Image via BuzzFeed]