I Hate to Admit It, But. . . Linds’ Leggings Are Sold-Out!

This is just keeeeeling me: Lindsay Lohan’s leggings line has sold out at Intuition. Jaye Hersh, the owner of Intuition, told E! last week that everything was going swimmingly (!!):

“The collection is blowing out, we were so overwhelmed by the reaction. We have launched other celebrity collections here, and this one is just flying through the door. We launched Lauren Conrad’s collection, we’ve had Mandy Moore, we’ve had various different celebrity lines, but this one really seems to be hitting home.”

Can we just chalk it up to the fact that the leggings are only available at one store online and in-person? There may be a waiting list, but how many were in stock to begin with? For my own sanity, I’ll say just a few. Grasping at straws? Yes, and proud of it: I don’t want to think I live near people who like to wear this.

Image: Newscom/PR Newswire, ShopIntuition.com