‘Family Feud’ Contestant’s ‘Gerbil’ Answer Stuns Host Steve Harvey [Video]

In a nod to a certain Richard Gere urban legend (yes THAT one), a recent Family Feud contestant gave an epic response to the question, “What does a doctor pull out of a person?”

Check it out here:

Unsurprisingly, Darci’s answer of “gerbil” was nowhere to be found on the board but elicited a huge belly laugh from her fellow Feud contestant Manny and a humorous stunned quip from host Steve Harvey.

“Yes…yes…yes you said it. You said it. You said it. I mean just right out like that (snaps fingers). The first thing you could come up with. Just ‘Bam! Gerbil!’,” Family Feud host Harvey responded after Darci tried to recant her impetuous reaction.

Darci’s opponent went on to give a more reasonable response of ‘baby’ which helped get his team on the board and win control of the round.

The Feud‘s “gerbil” answer was undoubtedly a reference to the 1990’s urban myth regarding Richard Gere having a gerbil removed from his rectum in the emergency room. According to snopes.com the story, an unfortunate embarrassing product of the Hollywood rumor mill, has as much legitimacy as Life cereal’s Mikey dying from ingesting Pop Rocks.

The notably hilarious off the cuff responses are what have given the longstanding game show part of its charm. In October, Time featured a piece regarding “The 13 Most Uncomfortable Family Feud Moments.” Some of the Feud gems included by Time? A contestant who thought the name “Jose” was a name that started with the letter “H” and a contestant who shouted the response, “naked grandma” to the prompt, “Name something a burglar wouldn’t want to see upon entering a house.”

Family Feud has survived a plethora of host changes over the years but has experienced an upswing in the ratings with the addition of Steve Harvey, coming in third behind Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. Besides Feud, Harvey also stars in and produces The Steve Harvey Show, a daily variety talk show.

The recent Feud “gerbil” answer is reminiscent of perhaps the most embarrassing game show response of all time on the 1970s favorite The Newlywed Game when Bob Eubanks asked the question, “Where is the strangest place you’ve ever had the urge to make whoopee?”

Take heart Family Feud contestant Darci. If Newlywed Game contestant Olga was able to live that response down, there is definitely hope for you.

And for those wishing to watch more episodes of Family Feud, check your local listings for this syndicated treat.

[Image courtesy of AOL]