Nathan Griffith And Jenelle Evans’ Public Breakup: ‘You Were Always An Enemy,’ Jenelle Claims

Nathan Griffith claims that he had no idea who Jenelle Evans was when they met one another over a dating app. At the time, she had been on Teen Mom for years, sharing her struggles with both dating various guys and experimenting with drug use. When Nathan came into the picture, she labeled him as her saving grace, but many viewers and fans warned Griffith about her.

Jenelle and Nathan Griffith have been together now for over a year and they have a son, Kaiser. This is one of Evans’ longest relationships and she may have felt that Kaiser was the saving grace for them. But both Nathan and Evans love feuding on social media, and this morning, the relationship appeared to coming to an end – for all to see.

According to a new set of tweets, Nathan Griffith started it all with a tweet, saying that he was done with the relationship. Nathan quickly deleted the tweet and it was only visible for less than two minutes. But this was enough for Jenelle to freak out and she was quick to fire back. She was quickly accusing Nathan of contacting a woman named Heather, someone who supposedly made him happy at one point in time.

“Heather will make u happy again. Go call her like u have been all day. U were always an enemy, never a friend #TruthBeTold,” Jenelle tweeted, tagging Nathan Griffith in the tweet.

It is possible that the fighting started over her profile picture, as she did hint of trouble around the time Nathan Griffith tweeted that he was done with her. And of course, many people were quick to point out that Kaiser – the relationship saver – had not worked. If she leaves Nathan behind, she will have two sons by two different men while trying to stay in school.

“This is why you don’t bring in MORE kids. Idiots,” one person wrote to Jenelle, while another added, “how’s that “save a relationship” baby you had workin for yA?”

But she was more focused on what Nathan Griffith was doing. Jenelle was stalking him through tweets to see who he was following, and even mocked him a bit when trying to get a response out of him, calling him insecure. Griffith remained silent throughout her bashing, simply tweeting a simple thought.

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith Breakup Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith Breakup Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith Breakup Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith Breakup

This is far from the first time that Nathan and Evans have fought publicly. They will tweet obscenities are one another, and then delete the tweets when everything settles down – hence the screenshots provided here. According to the Inquisitr, she has been sporting the engagement ring given to her by Nathan in the days leading up to this public breakup.

Just a few days ago, Griffith and Evans were looking to hire a nanny to help them with the children. It is possible that having a newborn child was just too much for them.

What do you think of Nathan Griffith ending the relationship with Jenelle on Twitter?

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