‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers For ‘All I Could Do Was Cry’: Jackson Seeks Help As Test Results Come In

Grey’s Anatomy fans have been anxiously waiting for the test results for April and Jackson’s baby and the time has finally come. Everybody was left hanging at the end of last week’s episode, but there should be answers coming this week. What Grey’s Anatomy spoilers are available for the February 12 episode?

Thursday night’s show is titled “All I Could Do Was Cry.” The TV Guide synopsis teases that Jackson and April face a tough decision regarding their baby boy. Will the test results reveal that the baby indeed has Type II osteogenesis imperfecta? Based on the Grey’s Anatomy spoiler previews available, it certainly doesn’t seem that the couple gets good news with the results.

Fans will have to tune in to see if April and Jackson find out that the baby has the type of the condition they fear so much. It certainly doesn’t look as if the results bring the couple any reassuring news as they had hoped.

One Grey’s Anatomy spoiler preview shows Jackson holding April as she cries, and she is saying that maybe God won’t take him and maybe there will be a miracle. Another preview shows Jackson spending time in the chapel. This, of course, is significant because while April relies heavily on her faith, Jackson is more a man of science.

The sneak peek shared by the Hollywood Reporter shows Jackson admitting he’s not sure what he believes, but April needs God. Jackson, his eyes filled with tears, passionately begs God to show up for April. While April and Jackson have had differing thoughts on how to proceed if the baby has the condition, it seems that now Jackson is backing his wife’s pleas that they trust the path they’re on. Will April and Jackson proceed with the pregnancy even if they get the test results and the baby has the likely fatal condition?

Shonda Rhimes says that this story will have its “spiritual uplifting moments where you actually feel peace for them,” but it is definitely a difficult story to tell. Will the baby survive? Rhimes says that she feels they ultimately told the story in a way that feels respectful and true, and honors a doctor struggling with issues of faith and science.

Based on Grey’s Anatomy spoilers from Sarah Drew, who plays April, it seems that the couple will go ahead with the pregnancy and soon deliver their baby boy. Will he survive and thrive? That much isn’t known yet though many have a hunch there is a lot more heartbreak ahead.

Also ahead in “All I Could Do Was Cry,” Meredith will work on planning a trip to see Derek. She seemingly turns to Alex to watch Bailey and Zola, and she’s not happy when he indicates that Jo will really be the one in charge. Maggie seems willing to step up instead, and Alex warns her that she doesn’t really want to step into that role.

Other storylines in Thursday’s episode will show Richard and Catherine together at the hospital as well as Amelia showing Stephanie some tough love. What comes next for April, Jackson, and their baby boy? Fans will have to tune into the Season 11, Episode 11 show of Grey’s Anatomy airing on Thursday, February 12 to find out.

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