Valentine’s Day Idea For Those Who Waited Until The Last Minute, Let The ‘Guilty’ Read This As Saving Grace

It’s down to the wire, and you find yourself still scrounging around for Valentine’s Day gifts. For shame, for shame. However, fret not. Here’s an idea you may like and your partner may appreciate.

If you are really in a crunch, you possibly won’t go wrong with a Valentine’s card. Sure, it’s lame. You know it. She or he knows it. However, you can still make the most it. This is when your kindergarten-through-second-grade imagination kicks back into play. Accordingly, you have to get way creative.

Do not give your partner the regular, store-bought Valentine’s Day card without having added something personal. That is not saving the day.

Bad Valentine's Day Gifts And Cards II
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Though you’ve purchased a Valentine’s gift, without adding your own personal touch, it could still be bland. Don’t be this guy.

Once you purchase the card, spruce it up with a love poem or some sentimental expression. If you’re not good at writing them yourself, hire someone you know who’s good at it. Or you can also search online for a really good one. Of course, don’t go for the first one that pops up; everyone who may be doing the same thing could’ve gotten that one. Put some effort into your search to make your significant other’s Valentine’s Day special.

If you can’t find a poem worthy enough, just write about how your partner makes you feel.

Please leave off all negative remarks and feelings. Valentine’s is not the day to make those issues known.

Bad Valentine's Day Gifts And Cards
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Definitely don’t point out your companion’s flaws and such on Valentine’s Day. Maybe save that for Halloween or something.

If you have to wonder if your remarks will make him or her upset, chances are “they probably will.” So, you may need to rephrase a few things. What’s important is that you focus on the good things.

“I love you with all my heart. You’re my soulmate. And even though you did cheat on me you make me complete.”

If any memories resurface about past arguments or confrontations, and they still make you upset, remember to leave those things out. They are “no bueno.” This is her or his day, so try your best not to ruin it.

Also, write down what you want to say on paper, first — before attempting to commit it to the card. Once you have what you want to say finalized on paper, then transfer it to the the Valentine’s card in ink. Why not red ink, for kicks?

Unless your companion would find it hilariously cute, he or she may not want to see eraser scuffs and remnants of failed attempts all over the card, especially if your final draft is still awful. Does the following photo show how you express thoughts on a card?

Funny Valentine's Day Cards
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As funny as this is, if this was your earnest attempt on Valentine’s Day poetry or feelings, help is needed.

Yeah, unless your companion is understandingly comical about it, this may not pass on Valentine’s Day. Please do better.

Or if you really want to go “out the box,” this is a great example of what you could do.

Valentine's Day Ideas For Those Who Waited Until The Last Minute
This is an interesting display of love. It’s cute and an awesome idea for Valentine’s Day.

You probably shouldn’t copy it verbatim though. That would just mean that you suck. However, if you used such a thing as an example — kind of a blueprint or template — that would be understandable. Sure, it takes a little more effort, but isn’t that what it’s about?

What are your thoughts? Think you can still spice up your significant other’s Valentine’s experience? Or is it too late? Click here to read about why women react to Valentine’s Day the way they do.

Mad Couple On Valentine's Day II
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Don’t have your companion giving you this look on Valentine’s Day. This is the ultimate “you suck and I hate your existence” look.

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