Comcast Customer Service Fail: Company Cashes Elderly Woman’s Rent Check, Refuses Refund

Comcast’s customer service has been the source of many bad stories, but one Albuquerque customer may have experienced one of the worst yet. Seventy-nine-year-old Francis Wilson mailed her rent check to Comcast by accident, and they cashed it.

If that wasn’t enough, when the elderly woman called to get a refund, they allegedly refused. The check was not made out to Comcast, but they kept and cashed the $235 check – an amount over 10 times what her bill with the cable company was. In an effort to “fix” the situation, the Comcast representative instead decided to credit the remainder to her account.

Unfortunately for Francis Wilson, she still had to scrape the money together to pay her rent.

This is considerably worse than previous horror stories about Comcast’s customer service, as previously reported by Inquisitr. One involved an Xfinity security issue regarding faulty thermostats. Another involved a home security system, which didn’t work and almost got a boy killed, and yet another involved a YouTube video where a man explained how he tried to cancel his service and they kept him on hold until after the office closed.

Francis Wilson got the local news involved, and suddenly Comcast changed their story. Albuquerque radio station KRQE called the company and asked why they cashed the check at all. According to the Consumerist, the cable company explained that no actual humans are involved in processing payments, so nobody caught the check in time.

The Comcast customer service rep even explained that this wasn’t the first time they had payment issues like that, and that it was always remedied quickly. They say they have reached out to Francis Wilson to rectify the situation and they plan to talk to the customer service representative about why Wilson was not given a refund.

After the Albuquerque News tackled the story of Comcast and their alleged mistreatment of the elderly woman, NewsCastic said it only took Comcast an hour to refund Wilson’s money twice over. They also kept the credit in her account.

Between these horror stories and their battles with the FCC, it may be time for Comcast to rethink the way they handle customers, and possibly train their service personnel better.

What do you think of this latest Comcast customer service fail?

[Image via Tweak Town]