Bobbi Kristina Brown Health Update: Family Members Break Silence To Reveal Her Condition Amid Contradictions [Video]

Since Jan. 31, the date on which Bobbi Kristina Brown was rushed to a hospital after she was discovered face-down in a bathtub, reports about her health have been confusing and, at times, contradictory. Now Brown and Houston family members are finally breaking their silence to offer updates, reported People.

“She’s got some color back, but she’s still not responding,” revealed a family member.

Bobbi Kristina’s aunt Leolah offered more hope.

“[She is] still on life support,” declared Leolah. “There are a couple more things that she’s doing but Krissi is doing well right now.”

Another family member denied reports that Bobbi Kristina is brain-dead.

“She is not brain dead. There is hope.”

However, physicians clarified that the future for the 21-year-old depends on how long she was without air.

“Even minutes [without air] can be grim,” cautioned neurologist Eli Zimmerman of Massachusetts General Hospital.

All these reports came out even as family and fans remembered Whitney Houston on the date that she died, Feb. 11, while worrying about Bobbi Kristina who had experienced an incident that eerily recalled Houston’s own death, reported CNN.

Both Bobbi Kristina and Whitney were discovered face-down in a bathtub. Now, three years later, Houston’s daughter battles to survive, surrounded by family and friends who continue to seek prayers for her even as they are mourning the loss of her mother.

And although Bobby Brown and other family members want to keep Bobbi Kristina’s condition private, they also expressed anger at the many false media reports that have emerged.

“The desire to be ‘first’ has clouded the judgment of many reporters,” said a family representative.

Although she is in a medically induced coma, Bobbi Kristina Brown did open her eyes. She also suffered seizures, the meaning of which remain unknown.

In addition, bruises of unknown origin have been found on Bobbi Kristina Brown, while police officials have stated that they are conducting a criminal investigation.

Now 21, Bobbi Kristina grew up in a family where abuse and drug addiction were considered common, reported the Daily Beast.

Whitney blamed Bobby for both, she told Oprah Winfrey.

“He was my drug. I didn’t do anything without him. I wasn’t getting high by myself. It was me and him together, and we were partners, and that’s what my high was—him. He and I being together, and whatever we did, we did it together. No matter what, we did it together.”

While Houston was candid about using marijuana and crack cocaine, she also revealed that Bobby chose alcohol and marijuana mixed with cocaine. She sought help from rehab on several occasions.

In addition to confessing their addiction to drugs, Whitney and Bobby discussed allegations of domestic violence and abuse. At one point, a 911 call resulted in a police report documenting Whitney with a cut lip and bruises.

After turning himself into the police, Bobby received a charge of misdemeanor battery for hitting Houston.

“[He threatened to] beat her a**.”

As for Bobbi Kristina, the ongoing criminal investigation is being kept under wraps amid rumors of abuse and drug use, reported Fox 13.

And although Whitney Houston’s death was declared an accidental drowning, the criminal investigation into what resulted in her daughter’s health crisis is resulting in the questioning of those close to Bobbi Kristina, including Nick Gordon, who lived with her.

As the Inquisitr reported, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s friend Daphne Barak talked about the questioning of Nick in an interview with TV personality Nancy Grace.

“Immediately, from the beginning, they asked him about injuries to the chest,”revealed Barak. “[Bobbi Kristina] is very tiny.”

In addition, episodes of The Houstons: On Our Own showed Bobbi Kristina drinking alcohol when she was only in her teens, according to Gawker.

The reality TV show also highlighted the relationship between Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina. Pat Houston talked about why the family allowed Bobbi Kristina to be filmed on the show.

“Cameras have been following since she was born. It’s not exploitation of any kind,” she declared.

And on the show itself, in an eery foreshadowing, Pat made a prediction.

“I can’t see [Bobbi-Kristina] fall by the wayside. No way, no how. Not gonna happen.”

[Photo By Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]