Family Uses Man’s Obituary As Warning To Raise Awareness About Heroin Addiction, Powerful Message Goes Viral

Most obituaries are written from a celebratory perspective, chronicling a person’s life with an emphasis on achievements, accolades, and memorable moments. However, Alex Michael Hesse’s family decided to write an obituary that could possibly impact lives. According to WLWT, they used his obituary as an opportunity to raise awareness about drug addiction so another family wouldn’t have to experience the disheartening loss they’re currently facing. During a recent interview, Alex’s mother explained why she wanted to tell his story.

According to Fox News 8, she revealed how heroin addiction transformed her son from a loving person into someone she barely knew. She described the drug as a “demon” that dominated and ultimately took his life.

“It was a demon. It was heroin and it took over his life,” his mother said.

On January 29, they lost Alex Michael at the age of 26 from a heroin overdose. Instead of writing an obituary filled with fond moments, they opted to share details about the pitfalls he suffered as a result of heroin addiction. The shocking obituary left no stone unturned because it revealed the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Here’s the full obituary via Brater-Winter Funeral Home.

“Alex Michael, age 26, of Harrison. Passed away on January 29, 2015. He was born on December 1, 1988 in Cincinnati, Ohio to Ricky “Rick” and Penny (nee Gaskins) Hesse. He had one brother: Andrew and two sisters: Allie and Angela.

Growing up he was just like any other young man. He was active in sports, playing football and baseball as a child, and playing on the high school golf team. He loved music and could pick up any instrument and learn how to play it. He especially loved the guitar and piano and often composed songs for those instruments. He had an array of talents that many could envy.

However, in the naivity of his youth, he made some mistakes that ended up costing him his life. All of the wonderful blessings that he had: talent, friendships, positive outlook on life, and, most importantly, family were sidelined by a wrong decision to do drugs.

In life, one little decision can make a huge impact on not just you but also those that love and care for you. Alex had a loving and supporting family and had everything a young man could want. But drugs took ahold of his life, changed him, and destroyed so much of the hope and promise in his future. You may ask why we are sharing this personal part of Alex’s life. Hopefully by making more people aware of Alex’s struggle, we can shed some light on this devastating issue and work to fix a very big problem in our community.

“This was a wonderful life, full of hope and promise, ended far too short. If his story can help one person not make the same mistakes that Alex did, save one family from losing a loved one far too young, then sharing this tragedy will be worth it and help to add meaning to a life cut far too short. While we are sad to see him go, we are relieved that his struggle is over and now he is at peace. The family thanks all of their close friends and family that have stood by their side in support over the many years of Alex’s addiction. Without each of you this family wouldn’t be as strong as they are today.”

The obituary, which was originally posted on the funeral home’s website, has also been circulating on social media. Just on the funeral home’s website, the obituary has received nearly 4,000 recommendations. However, it has sparked a debate. While many have applauded the family for their brave act, many still argue that it wasn’t appropriate to raise awareness with his obituary.

What do you think about Alex Michael Hesse’s family using his obituary to raise awareness about heroin addiction? Share your thoughts.

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