‘Bachelor’ Host Chris Harrison On Kelsey Poe’s New Interview: ‘It’s Like She Went Through A Different Experience’

Bachelor fans have a lot to look forward to because there are two days’ worth of new episodes on the way. On Sunday, Chris Harrison has a private sit down not only with the Bachelor Chris Soules, but the season’s most controversial contestant, Kelsey Poe.

Harrison revealed to TV Guide earlier this week that Poe’s interview will surprise many. She was disliked by many of her fellow houseguests in the Bachelor mansion but apparently does not know why.

“We get her take on everything, and it’s like she went through a different experience than what we saw. She said, ‘I don’t have a problem with these girls, I don’t know why they would have one with me,’ and ‘I don’t know where it went wrong, it was a misunderstanding.’ I guess it is denial, of what happened.”

It is unusual for a contestant to get a one-on-one with Harrison. Normally, the drama-causing women and men of the Bachelor and Bachelorette save their insights into the experience for the Women/Men Tell All special near the end of the series. Kelsey Poe recently announced she is going to Paris for two weeks to be a writer, therefore implying she will miss the taping of The Women Tell All.

Harrison told TV Guide he likes the opportunity of the one-on-one interview.

“I enjoy [interviewing someone] more [in this situation] than ‘Women Tell All’ because I got her to myself and I can go a little deeper without the girls rolling their eyes like caged animals ready to attack.”

Whether or not Kelsey would be subject to the eye rolling is unclear. However, the women certainly celebrated when Chris Soules sent Poe home after the two-on-one date. As Harrison wrote on his Yahoo! TV blog, it was a unique moment in the series.

“The reaction of the women back in Deadwood when they knew Kelsey was gone was unlike anything I’ve seen on this show. They literally threw a party to celebrate her departure. I can say with authority that this was truly the most dramatic two-on-one date in ‘The Bachelor’ history.”

Regardless of what the world thinks of Kelsey through the lens of her Bachelor appearance, Poe’s supporters have taken to her Facebook page to give her point of view. Prior to her elimination, a picture of her with a positive message was posted.

Kelsey Poe picture/Facebook
Poe spoke at a viewing party in Michigan Monday night. She did not do interviews because she is still under contract with The Bachelor but did address the audience. She posted a quote to her Facebook page on Tuesday.

“Inherent in humanity is love, loss, despair, and hope. Like everyone else, I’ve experienced life’s complexity. But rather than lie down in defeat of brokenness, I choose to stand up, lean into my fears, bolster others, and live life courageously in the memory of my beloved late-husband. These are my words, un-skewed, honest, and vulnerable.”

The Bachelor airs on ABC.

[Chris Harrison image: Getty/Kelsey Poe image: Facebook]