Liam Payne Working With Juicy J Because He’s Leaving 1D?

Fears are rising that British boy band, One Direction, is splitting after news that Liam Payne is working with Juicy J on not one but seven songs.

The Tennessee rapper, who has worked with such superstars as Katy Perry, Usher, and Lil Wayne, spoke with MTV News on the red carpet at the Grammys on Sunday and onfirmed that he and Payne have been collaborating quite a bit lately.

Juicy J spoke of the collaboration with Payne, saying that Payne’s “super talented” and that even though they “did about seven records that night”, the plan is to “get back in the studio and work on some more.” That sure does sound like they’re working on a whole album.

Juicy refused to comment, though, if these songs were for an up and coming One Direction album or something else. It’s got people wondering if the boys, who are currently touring in Australia, are ready to split off in separate directions especially since Zayn Malik has been spotted “spending approximately 99.6 per cent of his spare time in the studio with Naughty Boy,” according to Sugarscope.

According to Unreality TV, although “many music biz insiders were insisting that One Direction would announce that they are splitting up at the end of this year,” the band and their managers insist that the band is sticking together.

What is quite clear, though, is that Payne and his bandmates, with the possible exception of Niall Horan, have all seemingly been pursuing separate projects, “which are quite separate to their work with One Direction.”

So how do fans feel about a possible split? Comments online include “I hate that thought,” and “It should be all of the will collaborate with Juicy J!”

Despite all the rumors, Payne and his bandmates are still finishing up their “On The Road Again” Tour, which ends on October 31. It looks like all the One Directioners are going to have to wait just a while longer to see if Liam Payne is ready to set off by himself in a new direction.

[Photo Courtesy of Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images]