Ex-Manager: Michael Jackson Got Plastic Surgery Because Of Abusive Father

A new book is set to come out from the former manager of the late king of pop, Michael Jackson, and its set to make a few jaws drop.

According to Fox, Frank DiLeo, who was Jackson’s manager in the 1980’s and then was with Jackson shortly before his death, had penned part of the book “promising the truth about everyone who manipulated Michael” before his own death in 2011. The book, which is being put together by DiLeo’s longtime business partner, is said to share the real reason why Jackson went through so many plastic surgeries.

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— kaleigh (@lilapplehead) February 11, 2015

Jackson never admitted to anything more than two nose jobs and treatment for a medical condition called vitiligo, which causes white spots all over the skin. While it was clear that Jackson had had quite a bit of work done with People stating that it was about “10 to 12 surgeries in two years“, he kept mum on the topic. But DiLeo says that the real reason Jackson got all the plastic surgery is because of his father, Joe Jackson.

So how could Joe Jackson be the reason that Michael would want to change his appearance so drastically?

“Michael told Frank in a phone conversation that he couldn’t bear to see his father’s face when he looked in the mirror,” according to Fox. Michael accused his father of being extremely abusive and “couldn’t stand looking like his dad.”

In a conversation with DiLeo, “Michael was emotional and told Frank, ‘I gotta cut him away, I’ve got to remove him. I still see Joseph when I look in the mirror, I have got to cut him away.'”

Michael’s aversion to having anything to do with his father extended to not even being able to see him.

“Michael couldn’t be near his father. When he would show up during the ‘Bad’ tour, Michael would have panic attacks.”

It was this panic, this fear, that led Jackson to get “multiple nose jobs, cheek implants” and Jackson even “had a cleft put in his chin” and “eyelid surgery.” Jackson underwent very dangerous and extreme measures to separate himself from his own father.

The book focusing on Michael Jackson, DiLeo: I Am Going to Set the Record Straight, which has been put together from DiLeo’s personal journal and audio and video recordings, is set to be released in the fall of this year.

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