Drunk Man Smashes His Mother In The Face For Laughing At His Claim That ‘Barack Obama Is An Alien’

A man, who was reportedly very drunk,, punched his own mother repeatedly in the face, when she laughed at his claim that the President of America, Barack Obama “is an alien.”

The incident took place in Wolverhampton in the UK, when Shaun Watson became upset after his mother laughed at him, telling her, “I have hit bigger men than you and they have gone down,” before beating her in the face in a frenzied and vicious attack.

Even though he beat his mother badly, Watson received a three-year conditional discharge yesterday for the assault. He is in prison awaiting sentence on another offence.

Prosecutor Kerry Lovegrove, said that the accused had been out drinking heavily with his mother and girlfriend last April, and that the three of them had returned to his mother’s home in Telford.

A row broke out between the mother and son, regarding conspiracy theories, one of which was Watson claiming that Obama was an alien, among other ridiculous theories.

Watson became enraged when his mother laughed at him, and the police were called to find Watson’s mother on the floor, with her face smashed in.

Even though Watson had run from the house after the attack and called his mother the next day to apologise, she was left with a severe black eye, cuts and bruising.

Despite the fact that Watson denied assaulting his mother, he was found guilty at a January 30th trial, for which he failed to show up.

Watson’s attorney, John McMillan, said his client could not attend the trial because he did not want to lose his position as an enhanced prisoner at Dovegate prison where he is awaiting sentence for another offence.

“He loves his mum. This was something that was fuelled by drink and he’s pleased that she would not like a restraining order,” he said.