Wiz Khalifa's Son Was The Cutest Kid On Grammy Night, Even Got A Marriage Proposal From Kelly Clarkson

Wiz Khalifa was all smiles on the red carpet during Grammy night. Not only was the rapper nominated for two Grammys, he also had a chance to bring his mom and son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz along with him despite previous reports that his soon-to-be-ex-wife Amber Rose is demanding sole custody.

The successful rapper behind hits like "Work Hard, Play Hard" and "Remember You" strutted down the red carpet while carrying his little boy. Khalifa wore a slick Giorgio Armani suit with a tie while little Sebastian wore an emerald green velvet suit."We're just out here having fun," Khalifa said during an interview with E! News. Sebastian even grabbed Giuliana Rancic's mic while the interview was taking place, leading up to one of the cutest moments on the red carpet that night. Khalifa revealed how he thought that it was important that his son joined him on that night.
"He's never going to get these types of memories again so I figure I will share them with [Sebastian]. He can be part of it."
Khalifa's son gained a fan that night as American Idol singer Kelly Clarkson tweeted Khalifa during the show.
"Your son is adorable beyond words!" she wrote. "I'm thinking arranged marriage with our little nugget ha!"
Sebastian is not even a year old and he's already gearing up to break hearts!

One week before the Grammys, Khalifa was up in arms on Twitter, hinting at the fact that his ex-wife doesn't want him to spend time with his son. "A woman who would do something to a kid to spite that kid's father is a foul creature," he tweeted. He eventually said to his followers that he was doing fine after seeing his son's handsome face.

Khalifa and Rose have been trying to manage a heated divorce after reports of their separation surfaced. Rose filed back in September 2014 claiming "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for their divorce. She plans to take full custody of her child, but Khalifa demanded that they share custody.

Even though Khalifa didn't take home any awards that night, what's important is that he shared the night with those closest to him: his mom and his son. When asked about how he's dealing with the split with Rose, he simply said: "I'm doing good. I'm with my family. You see me, I'm with who's important."

[Image via mistercap Instagram]