Robert Allenby Mugging: Patrick Owen Harbison Charged With Stealing And Using Golfer’s Credit Cards

A man by the name of Patrick Owen Harbison has been accused by the Honolulu Police Department of stealing and using professional Australian golfer Robert Allenby’s credit cards, according to a Police spokesman.

The spokesman indicated that the 32-year-old Harbison allegedly spent up to $23,000 at multiple Waikiki outlets, Fox Sports reported. The report quoted Allenby as having said that there “has definitely been a lot of confusion but the number one thing you should all remember is my story stays exactly the same” every single time he tells it.

Allenby claims he was abducted, beaten up, and robbed on January 16, 2015, after he missed the cut at the Sony Open. He claims he has no memory of what happened to him during a two-and-a-half hour period beginning at 11 p.m.

Inquisitr previously reported that investigators say the story has holes and some witnesses say the accounts provided by the pro golfer are bogus.

The Fox Sports report indicated that Robert has adamantly denied reports that he spent thousands of dollars in a strip club on the night in question.

Honolulu PD indicated on Thursday that there was no kidnapping investigation underway and that there were currently no other suspects in the case.

A police spokesman indicated that Allenby had been in contact with the police and was aware of the recent arrest. The spokesman also described Allenby’s version of events as “very consistent” throughout and criticized the media coverage of the incident, as he claims it made the police’s investigation of the incident more difficult.

The spokesman indicated that police were “not speculating as to how” Harbison obtained Allenby’s credit cards, but they “know” he had them and that he used them.

We’re not speculating as to how he got it. We know he had it and he used it.

Harbison, who was already in custody on unrelated charges when police accused him of stealing and using the four-time PGA tour winner’s credit cards, has been accused by authorities of taking a total of three of Mr. Allenby’s cards.

The suspected credit card thief is facing up to 10 years in prison for identity theft if found guilty. He has five prior convictions which include a drug-related felony.

Allenby, who won the Australian triple crown in 2005, claims a homeless woman named Charade Keane initially told him he that he had been thrown from the boot of a car after he had been beaten up and robbed, a claim which Fox Sports reports she has since denied.