Steamy New 'FSOG' Photos Emerge Of Dakota Johnson

Rebecca Miller

Brace yourselves, FSOG fans. With the movie release just a mere safe word utterance away, new photos of Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dorman have been released. The March issue of W magazine features the sexy shots of the stars taken on the set of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Sam Taylor-Johnson, the movie's director snapped the photos that include some key scenes.

"The whole book, and the movie, is about control," Taylor-Johnson tells W. "And in a sense, the whole process of making the movie also became about control... I had to be faithful to the book. There were, if you like, manacles. But there was also room for trespassing."

In this image, a naked Johnson lies before the slightly bemused Dornan on the floor.

Johnson wasn't the only one only who showed more than hint of skin. Dornan, a former Calvin Klein model, bared his flesh to the delight of his fans in this shirtless pic.

make it stop

The movie will be released in theaters over the Valentine's Day holiday. Early reviews have been mixed regarding the film, with the majority leaning toward the positive. The New York Daily News gave the move 3 out of four stars, stating.

"Sam Taylor-Johnson (director) and her screenwriter... succeeded in stripping the book of some of its flaws. Dakota Johnson gives a convincing, smart performance as heroine Anastasia Steele, though her chemistry with costar Jamie Dorman as billionaire Christian Grey, doesn't always sizzle."

The Guardian's Peter Bradshaw gave the film one star and made this quip.

"... rest assured -- it's not just about spanking. Before the pervery commences, our hero lowers his trousers and undergarments and in a more conventional sense does to the female lead what Ms James did to the book trade and what Taylor-Johnson does to your chances of seeing an actual penis. Seriously – there are no glimpses of a penis in this film, not in any state. It's primly off-camera. Or maybe the smoulderingly sado-obsessed hero does not have a penis. It could account for his tastes. And his decor."

Finally, the Hollywood Reporter that did not designate a star rating, but summed up the film with this remark.

"From meet-cute to deflowering to the sequel-setup ending, the relationship between Ana and Christian is one of carefully navigated mutual consent. Their first use of his playroom is packaged in a montage-y way that feels nonthreatening and more than a little generic, complete with intrusive pop-track accompaniment. A few dom-sub contract details and a couple of online photos notwithstanding, the movie maintains an artful restraint even as it talks dirty; the sex scenes suggest more than those of the standard Hollywood drama without quite going there. The penultimate scene, where Christian punishes Anastasia with a belt — and thrills to it, as Dornan communicates with exquisite subtlety — is by far the film's most extreme."

Regardless of review, Fifty Shades of Grey has the acclaim of being the fastest selling R-rated movie, with 1 million tickets selling in a mere three days.

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