Katy Perry Vs. Taylor Swift: Singers Did Cross Path At Grammy Awards

Reports said that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift managed to avoid each other at the Grammy Awards. But now insiders are saying that the singers did cross paths at the awards ceremony. It’s obvious that both Katy Perry and Taylor Swift attended the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, as they were both nominated and Katy performed, after a hugely successful Super Bowl halftime show.

Food World News said that Katy and Taylor managed to cross paths at the Grammys ceremony. In fact, John Mayer’s exes were just a few feet away from each other. Katy and Taylor didn’t want to make speak to each other, let alone make eye contact.

Us Weekly also reported that Perry and Swift literally crossed paths. Perry reportedly walked past Swift’s seat during the show. But the “Blank Space” singer stared blankly at her phone, as she tried not to look up as Perry walked by her.

Katy and Taylor didn’t even greet each other at the Grammys. Taylor was busy rubbing elbows with everyone from Jay Z to Kanye West. She even made up with Kanye West during the ceremony. But Katy and Taylor chose not to interact at the awards show, according to the Us Weekly report.

Several eyewitnesses said they saw Perry walk by Swift’s seat during intermission. They also added that Perry did politely clap for Swift when she took the stage to present the award for Best New Artist, but that’s the extent of the “goodwill” between the pop singers.

Katy and Taylor went through several lengths to even avoid each other at the post-Grammy celebrations, according to Hollywood Life. They did everything in their will to avoid each other at all of the Grammy-after parties that took place on Sunday night. Katy and Taylor even prepared for a “dramatic exit” before the other one showed up.

A source revealed what went down at the Universal Music Grammy Party, which was sponsored by American Airlines and Citi.

“Word was that Taylor Swift was meant to show up, and Katy left before any of that could happen. Taylor didn’t show because rumors were that she knew Katy was there, and Katy left thinking Taylor was going to show, so they definitely made an effort to avoid each other.”

Will Katy Perry and Taylor Swift ever be friends again? Katy subtly dissed Taylor during her 2015 Super Bowl halftime show, and her boyfriend John Mayer, 37, threw some shade at the singer when he hosted The Late Late Show.

It looks like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift did cross paths after all. A recent report on the Inquisitr said that singers narrowly missed each other at the Grammy Awards. Organizers tried their hardest to keep the dueling divas apart. Do you think Katy Perry and Taylor Swift should get over their feud and make up?

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