Andres Bartolome Juan: Man Admits To Sexually Assaulting 6-Year-Old Girl, Blames Victim For His Actions

“I touched the little girl.”

Those are the words Andres Bartolome Juan said to investigators with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. Palm Beach Post reports that the 23-year-old man admitted to sexually assaulting the six-year-old girl twice on one day. Then, to make matters worse, there’s also a shocking twist to the man’s confession. Although he admitted to his actions, he placed blame elsewhere. He actually insists the little girl is to blame for his actions.

According to arrest records, the assault took place on Saturday, January 31, inside a laundry facility at a Lake Worth, FL, apartment complex. The little girl told authorities that she was riding her bike outside the laundry room. When she went inside the laundry room, she came in contact with Juan. That’s when he assaulted her. However, the attack was interrupted by the little girl’s mother.

When she saw her daughter’s bike outside, she immediately went looking for her. The little girl ran toward the sound of her mother’s voice “with a panicked look on her face,” while Juan attempted to escape out of a back window in the laundry room. The mother told detectives that she caught him with his belt unbuckled and pants unzipped. A neighbor later identified the man as Andres Bartolome Juan. During the interrogation, he had no reservations about admitting to his actions. But, while a DNA swab sample was being obtained, her reportedly said, “It’s [the girl’s] fault this happened,” reports Raw Story.

Juan has been charged with two counts of sexual assault against a victim 12 years old or younger. He is currently being held at the Palm Beach County Jail without bond.

[Photo via Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office]