Pit Bull Weighs 173 Pounds: Hulk's Big Size Causes Big Criticism For Breeder

A pit bull that weighs 173 pounds is the latest viral sensation. Hulk the dog is making headlines this week after his breeder shared a video of him on Facebook. The 17-month-old dog weighs in at more than 173 pounds, according to Uinterview.

Marlon Grennan, owner of Dark Dynasty K9s, bred the dog for size, and this has earned the breeder some criticism. He has taken to the company's Facebook page to answer questions about his breeding practice, and he has made it clear that he breeds dogs for their size for special purposes.

His dogs are used for certain clients that are looking for security or personal protection dogs, and he carefully screens the potential owners before placing any of his dogs with them. He also informs all clients that he will check on the dog every three months.

Grennan shared a lengthy post on Facebook on Wednesday that revealed more about himself, his family, and his business.

"Yes, we have formed a company, and we do sell our puppies and trained dogs...but you have never seen me sell out on any dog because any dog that we produce, if the owners can't keep it for whatever reason, it is in our contacts that the dog must be returned, and this has happened multiple times! We have NEVER turned our backs on any of our dogs.

"In fact, we took one back only 3 days ago.

"Also please note, we are not any form of puppy mill we have maybe 3-4 litters each year with dogs sold to the best of the best homes all over the world to carefully screened buyers. These dogs are our family and they are MUCH more than money. We have turned down hundreds of thousands of dollars refusing to sell to people we did not think were suitable homes for one of our dogs."

Hulk is receiving a lot of attention since Grennan posted a video of the dog on YouTube. Since the posting, 3.3 million people have viewed the video. Grennan revealed that 100 million people have also stopped by to check the company's page on Facebook in the past week. Some of those that have stopped by to read about Hulk have inquired about the possibility of having a Hulk of their own.

The breeder did reveal that Hulk has not finished growing. He will continue to grow until he is three-years-old.

Becky Holly, a member of the board of Fresno Bully Rescue, is one of Grennan's critics. She spoke out about the breeding of pit bulls, according to The Huffington Post.

"We get 400 requests per week from people who want to surrender their pit bulls. Adding to the numbers of these dogs is irresponsible."
Grennan does have a plan in place to combat the pit bull issue. He plans to open his own pit bull rescue at some point.

Grennan did not intend to breed the biggest dog alive with Hulk.

"My intentions when breeding my dogs was to create the perfect guardian, a man-stopping protection dog. Gentle when he's supposed to be and fierce when he is asked…Nanny's by day guard dogs by night."
His dogs are considered a part of the family. Since Hulk's story went viral, Grennan has shared several more photos of the giant animal and the other dogs in his care on Facebook.

What do you think of Hulk's story? Would you want a dog that size in your home?