Is Karrueche Tran A Gold Digger Known Only For Dating Chris Brown? Model Attacked By Twitter Trolls

Karrueche Tran may be famous for being Chris Brown’s model girlfriend, but she’s also a human being who actually uses her social media accounts. According to Fashion & Style, her Twitter account was targeted by fans of the Loyal singer who aren’t impressed with her presence in his life. The cybertrolls reportedly attacked her and accused her of using Brown to acquire more fame. She was also called a gold digger by a fan. One series of tweets was incredibly abusive.

“Lemme ask you something. Why the hell are you famous? What do you do that benefits society or that is entertaining? All I know is that you love to ride Chris Brown’s d**** for stacks.”

Celebrities deal with abuse on Twitter and social media in general every day. The general public loves to hate celebrities, especially when they can find what they perceive to be weaknesses. That’s why few celebrities respond to hateful comments sent to them online, but Karrueche Tran responded to the particularly nasty things that were said to her this time.

“You clearly don’t know my life. I work and I work for mines… I’m famous cause n****** like you keep my f****** name in their mouths. You know what I do that benefits society? I f****** give back to the community. I’ve put food in their mouths and smiles on their faces… WTF do you do besides sit up here and try and downplay women? You are a low life and sad excuse for a male.”

Tran’s response to the trolls summed up her feelings on the matter, and showed that she wasn’t about to be disrespected by people when she has stuck by Chris Brown through good times and some of the worst times in his life. After all, most of his legal drama stems from the high profile relationship and falling out he had with Rihanna, a woman that is independently wealthy and immensely popular worldwide. That’s a lot of pressure and stress to live under, being Chris’s girlfriend.

Before Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown began dating, she was a stylist who rose from very humble beginnings. The Heavy reports that Tran worked for Nordstrom before she became a fashionista and a stylist. In fact, that’s how she met the controversial R&B singer — while on a styling gig. The Heavy also reports that she does indeed give back to the world. She’s participated in HIV/AIDS walks, and helped spread awareness through social media for charity.

[Photo credit: Rap Basement]