Carmen Dell’Orefice: 83-Year-Old Super Model Admits She Still Has Sex

The world’s oldest working supermodel, 83-year-old Carmen Dell’Orefice, has opened up her illustrious career and private life, even admitting that she still has sex.

Dell’Orefice made her comments during an in-depth interview with New You, via the Daily Mail, where she confided that she still has a very active sex life.

“Of course I still have a sex life,” she insisted, “why would I give that up? Do I live to breathe? If you have a Rolls Royce and it is up on wheels, you go in with the key and every now and then turn on the motor to make sure the motor is running. So when you want to drive the car, it is all oiled and ready.”

When Dell’Orefice was poetically asked how she kept her “Rolls Royce” “oiled,” she then bluntly declared, “I know how to pleasure myself. I can go for a low romantic love, and that’s fine but I am conditioned to the whole meal.”

Carmen Dell’Orefice, who was born in New York City in 1931, has been a supermodel now for seven decades, and she was even featured on the cover of Vogue when she was just 15-years-old.

Dell’Orefice didn’t stop there, though, during her discussion with New You. She also went on to discuss her preparation for death.

Having recently lost two of her close friends after a 60 or 70 year relationship, Dell’Orefice explained that they had prepared her for dying “because they knew how to live their lives.”

She then added, “Most people don’t know how to live their life so they don’t know how to die. They are startled or confused by it but it is part of living. That’s why I always say, ‘When I die it’s going to be my way’.”

Dell’Orefice also criticized today’s batch of models, labelling them as “essentially bodies-for-hire” before adding that most of them are easily influenced and fall into the trappings of the industry.

“Short of having to go to bed with everyone, it is tough work. The smartest, with a good education and some good moral support from family and mentors, will not fall into booby-traps.

They will save their money and use it and the experience as stepping stones to a more permanent career. I’m just an outsider observing but this is my impression.”

Meanwhile, Dell’Orefice also confessed that she had to battle an addiction to ice cream in order to preserve her pristine figure. You can read her full interview with New You in the magazine’s most recent issue, which is now on newsstands.

[Image via Astrid Stawlarz/Getty Images]