February 11, 2015
NXT 'Takeover: Rival' Recap and Results: Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens Was Absolutely Insane

One of the hottest things going in the wrestling world right now is NXT, and it is turning into so much more than just the developmental territory for WWE. On Wednesday night, the NXT Takeover: Rival special took place and it featured a whole card of great matches, but everyone was truly waiting for the main event that pitted NXT Champion Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens, and it did not disappoint.

As WrestleZone reported, Sami Zayn is hoping that NXT can go on to bigger and better things, such as becoming a touring brand and being a part of WrestleMania. Even if that is still a way off, these specials prove that they are top notch talent and big-time stars in the making.

Below is a full recap of all the results for NXT Takeover: Rival that took place tonight on WWE Network.

NXT Takeover Rival Results

NXT Championship Match -- Sami Zayn (c) vs. Kevin Owens

The fans are split, and things start out with huge "fight Owens fight" chants before the "Ole!" chants overwhelm those. The match was much of the same as both men just tore the other one up. Owens showed some incredible power moves while Zayn used his quickness and agility to get the upper-hand at times.

Owens delivered brutal moves at times and the ending proves it. He starts going off on Zayn and hits a huge powerbomb. The medics check on him, but Owens picks him up to hit another powerbomb and then a third.

Zayn is totally out and Owens screams at the ref to make the count. He does, but Zayn somehow kicks out and the crowd goes nuts. The medics check on him again, but Owens pulls him in and hits two more powerbombs. As he goes for the third, the ref literally tackles him and calls the match to save Zayn.

Winner and New Champion -- Kevin Owens

Refs and medics check on Zayn while Owens celebrates. It is then that announcer Corey Graves compares Owens to Brock Lesnar and it's very appropriate.

NXT Takeover Rival Results

NXT Women's Championship Match -- Charlotte (c) vs. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley vs. Becky Lynch

Yet another fantastic match in which all four ladies put everything on the line and went for it to win the title. There were a lot of reversals and plenty of turns on one another right after working together.

The ending came when Sasha Banks locked the crossface on Charlotte, and then let go to kick Bayley and Lynch off the apron and back to the floor. Charlotte tries to get away but Banks locks the crossface back in and as Charlotte continues to crawl, Banks rolls her up for the title.

Winner and New Champion -- Sasha Banks

After the match, Charlotte shakes Banks hand and they exchange an emotional hug. Then there are two shoves and big smiles. Banks gives a giant "WOOOOO!" as she walks out while Charlotte smiles.

NXT Takeover Rival Results

No. 1 Contender's Match -- Finn Balor vs. Adrian Neville

Seriously, every single match is trying to be the match of the night. Balor takes control early but things get slowed down by Neville. There is an awesome sequence outside the ring where Neville sits in a chair and gets drilled by a running dropkick from Balor.

Nevill takes control once both men are back in the ring, and there are a lot of reversals from each wrestler. Balor counters a Red Arrow by lifting the knees and then hitting a huge dropkick. Balor flies off the top with the double foot stomp for the pinfall.

Winner -- Finn Balor

Solomon Crowe interrupts the NXT broadcast and has a message that "The Takeover Isn't Over." Another message then says to "Stay Tuned" for when NXT returns next week.

NXT Takeover Rival Results

NXT Tag Team Championship Match -- Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy (c) vs. The Lucha Dragons

The match immediately turns into complete turmoil and it's a brawl. Honestly, this match could not have been any better, as both teams take their turns with the advantage until Sin Cara coming in for the advantage but the champions get a blind tag.

Blake nails a running suplex and then Murphy flies off the top rope with a giant flash for the pinfall, and they keep the titles.

Winners and Still Champions -- Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy

NXT Takeover Rival Results

No Disqualification Match -- Bull Dempsey vs. Baron Corbin

Corbin immediately sprints to the ring to attack Dempsey and the brawl is on. Dempsey gets control at one point and plays to the crowd which gets him huge heat, but he gets destroyed by Corbin upon getting back in the ring.

Dempsey gets control back and even hits the flying headbutt, but it gets just two, and he's the first to kick out of that. Dempsey attempts to use a chair but Corbin hits End of Days for the pin.

Winner -- Baron Corbin

NXT Takeover Rival Results

Hideo Itami vs. Tyler Breeze

During Breeze's entrance, a female fan jumps out of the crowd and onto him. She is taken away by security, but it looked staged.

Itami and Breeze worked perfectly together and this was an incredibly hot opening match. Breeze attacked Itami's knee a lot and even locked a Figure Four in on the ringpost and then a modified Sharpshooter. Itami attempted a GTS which thrilled the crowd and eventually hyped himself up and hit the running knee for the pin.

Winner -- Hideo Itami

As you can see from the recap of all the results from NXT Takeover: Rival, the action in Florida is continuing to be one of the best things in all of wrestling these days. Now, the stars won't have another special before WrestleMania, so could they possibly be a part of the biggest event of the year?

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