‘Duck Dynasty’ Season 8 Renewal: Will The Robertson Family Return With More Episodes?

The Season 7 finale of Duck Dynasty airs Wednesday night on A&E, and fans are disappointed that things are ending so soon. There’s a family health crisis coming up in this one, and viewers are anxious for news regarding another season of the show. Was Duck Dynasty renewed for Season 8 or canceled by A&E?

During Wednesday night’s Season 7 finale, titled “Sweet Home Louisiana,” viewers will see quite a bit of Jep and Jessica. According to TV Guide, there will be a block party welcoming them to their neighborhood. In addition, Jep will undergo a frightening health crisis and, naturally, his family will be right by his side.

The show’s Facebook page teases that viewers will see Jep’s emotional story play out in Wednesday’s season finale. The incident relates to the time last fall, when Jep had a seizure during a hunting trip and he was hospitalized for a bit.

For many fans, this season flew by way too quickly. The season did consist of 10 episodes, just as the past few have. That isn’t a terribly long season by television show standards, and this season was broken up a bit by a holiday break. Given that, many fans are lamenting online that they feel like they’ve just gotten started with this run of Duck Dynasty and they aren’t ready for it to end.

Has Duck Dynasty been renewed for Season 8? The show has taken a bit of a hit in the ratings since some of the controversy involving Phil Robertson broke over the past year or two. However, it’s still a solid performer for A&E, and fans can’t imagine it’s going anywhere quite yet. Luckily, it does seem there’s already been some news out about the show returning.

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, Alan Robertson indicated a while back that the family had signed a contract that would keep the show going through 2015. Some fans have also been noting online that they have seen indications that filming for Season 8 is already happening.

The somewhat unofficial Duck Dynasty renewal news came via the Shreveport Times in August, 2014. Alan Robertson, the family’s oldest son, said that the family had fully committed to doing the show through this new year, though after that they don’t know.

Just how long can the show keep going? There have been some tough negotiations with the family over the past few seasons, but at least for now it seems that a deal has been struck that meets the needs of both the network and the Robertson clan. As for a Season 8 premiere date, for now fans will have to sit tight and wait for more news.

Tune in to the Season 7 finale featuring Jep’s health crisis and stay tuned for official news on Duck Dynasty Season 8.

[Photo by Jerry Markland/Getty Images]