‘Dying Light’ Getting Free Hard Mode, Bucks Current DLC Trends

Dying Light will be getting some free stuff.

Announced via the official Dying Light Twitter account, developer Techland will be providing players with a free hard mode as well as some new character skins.


While no release date has been announced, the addition of the hard mode as well as some character skins for free is a nice gesture from the Polish developer. Dying Light will still put out paid DLC as a means to support the game in the future. However, if anything can be gleaned from the above tweet, it’s that fans of the game can expect more additions in the future.

Dying Light places you in the Turkish city of Harran as an undercover agent for the Global Relief Effort (GRE). The city is overrun with zombies as a virus spread just after a world-wide athletics competition descended upon Harran. As Kyle Crane, you parkour and bash your way through hordes of the undead in order to fulfill the mission given to you by the GRE.

Dying Light’s first DLC from its Season Pass dropped yesterday, with “Cuisine & Cargo” hitting the PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The second DLC, “The Ultimate Survivor Bundle,” is expected next month, while the third portion of the Season Pass is due out this spring.

This is hardly the first time a developer has offered free DLC with their game. Fellow Polish developer CD Projekt RED announced 16 free pieces of DLC for their upcoming title The Witcher 3. Dying Light’s free DLC is in stark contrast, however, to Turtle Rock’s asymmetric FPS, Evolve, with 44 pieces of DLC available for purchase just a day after the game launched. According to Polygon, Evolve has over $130 of DLC available in addition to the Season Pass. While some may groan over buying a Season Pass, at least with Dying Light some of the DLC will be available to everyone.

This is also not the first time Dying Light has given game modes to players. When the game launched a few weeks ago, everyone who purchased the game received the “Be the Zombie” mode for free. Originally a pre-order bonus, Techland gave the mode to all Dying Light customers and gave those who pre-ordered extra weapons and weapon docket space. This move was to show appreciation for support of the game, as well as to ease the inconvenience of the game’s staggered release.

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[Image via Dying Light]