Nintendo’s New 3DS Releases Friday, Reviews Sound Great

With Wii U sales never quite as good as they were for the Wii, Nintendo is looking for a boost to get its sales back on track. The company’s hope to make that happen is the new 3DS, a new handheld console that releases this Friday. So far, reviews of the new device have been impressive.

Over at PC Advisor, Ashleigh Allsopp says that the new 3DS is everything that the original 3DS should have been. First off, she suggests that the new 3DS has upgraded the actual 3D in such a way that it’s much easier to play, and keep the 3D looking sharp.

Ben Silverman at Yahoo Tech was particularly thrilled by Nintendo introducing a second console stick on the new 3DS.

“For years 3DS gamers have complained about the lack of a second analog stick, and while Nintendo’s remedy is a bit small, the new C-stick sits nicely tucked above the face buttons and works surprisingly well. It’s a boon for camera control, especially in a third-person game like the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D.”

At Wired, Andy Robertson says that the new 3DS is “near perfection.”

“Each of these tweaks on their own are minor but play into the general redesign to create a sense of symmetry and clean aesthetic. While there is not as much rejigging on the New 3DS XL, moving from the original 3DS to the New 3DS felt like the transition from original DS to DS Lite.”

And Expert Reviews has done a comparison between the original 3DS and the new 3DS XL to talk about which one you should buy.

Social media has seemed excited about the device, though some frustration over its name and the process of transferring data from an older 3DS to the new model has been expressed.

Are you excited about the new 3DS XL, or will you wait to see what comes next from Nintendo?

[Image from the Verge]