Charles Manson’s Mother-In-Law Claims Wedding Is Back On

Is Charles Manson’s wedding back on? His potential mother-in-law, Melissa Burton, claims it is, saying lies are being spread about her daughter’s intentions with Manson. Melissa is the mother of Afton Elaine Burton, the 27-year-old who goes by the name Star. Afton and Charles Manson were set to wed, but their marriage license has now expired without a wedding.

Several sources are saying Charles Manson, 80-years-old, has called off the wedding when he found out Afton allegedly wanted to marry him so she could display his body in a glass casket as a tourist attraction after he dies. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Melissa dismissed the allegations surrounding her daughter as false. She also claims her daughter is still in love with Charles Manson and that the two will be getting another marriage license soon.

“There is nothing in [the story] that is true. This is tabloid crap. It’s totally false and totally ridiculous. It’s bad enough that all this is being publicized, but to have something so outrageously stupid as that is pretty upsetting.

I don’t know anything about [Charles] personally. I don’t know his feelings. But nothing has changed [with the wedding].”

News of the alleged plot first broke by the New York Post, citing journalist/author Daniel Simone as the source. Simone is investigating Charles Manson for a book he’s writing titled The Retrial of Charles Manson. When Rolling Stone reached out to Simone for comment, he told the magazine the source for the story was a letter that Manson’s friend and former cellmate, Frank Reichard, had written in 2011.

“He sent us a letter stating that on one occasion in the visiting room of the prison, he overheard Ms. Burton and her boyfriend Craig Hammond discussing this possible plan to gain possession of Manson’s body upon his death.”

When told Melissa claims the story is false, Simone said, “My response to her would be, ‘Why else would a normal, young woman — somewhat attractive — want to marry an 80-year-old convict who is allegedly the most dangerous mass murderer in the world?'”

Rolling Stone said Afton was not available for comment, but when asked how her daughter is feeling, Melissa said she’s angry about the allegations.

“It ticks her off. It makes her angry that people come up with all these lies about her. She’s a little desensitized to it that she lets it roll off her back because it kept happening all the time. Whenever you’re being talked about so negatively… I try not to read the comments that people post. As a mother, I’m protective of my children and it’s very hurtful to hear the horrible things people are saying. She just tends to ignore it.”

While Melissa is defending her daughter, she’s not exactly thrilled about her choice with Charles Manson for a husband. She never planned on attending the wedding but was quoted in the New York Post’s article saying, “I know [Manson] has made lots of bad choices, but I don’t think he’s dangerous… I’m not scared about [Afton’s] safety and I don’t believe my daughter is brainwashed.”

How would you feel if your daughter was planning to marry a murderer like Charles Manson? Do you believe Afton was planning to marry Charles Manson for love or to make money?

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