WWE News: Huge Update On Brock Lesnar’s WWE Contract Status, Is He Staying With WWE?

Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar comes across that he is a mercenary only with WWE when called upon. As long as he’s paid, he’ll do whatever. Contrary to this, Lesnar is said to love his current run with WWE. Many speculated that he would go to UFC, as it was thought he had unfinished business left in the world of MMA.

Lesnar clearly was a success in his time with UFC, as he beat the likes of Shane Carwin, Frank Mir, and Randy Couture. He also captured the UFC Heavyweight Championship and was one of the company’s biggest stars. He left UFC after a major bout with diverticulitis. Lesnar is better now and in a far better position in his health. He claims he is in the best shape of his life and healthier than ever.

Due to this, we heard rumors of unfinished UFC business and it has been an open secret that Lesnar has contemplated jumping back to UFC. However, many considered this to be a ploy to get a better contract out of WWE to stay with them.

According to Daily Wrestling News, the confidence is strong that WWE can get Lesnar to re-sign with them. While it is not confirmed that he will, this is probably the most confident WWE has been. Lesnar currently loves the situation he has with WWE as far as dates and treatment goes. WWE has given him no reason to leave, which is why he may not.

There is a feeling among many insiders that it’ll be WWE’s fault if Lesnar does not re-sign with the company. In all actuality, this could be true. Lesnar seems to want to stay, but he just wants to keep his current deal or improve it. Many feel that the only way he does not re-sign is if WWE pulls an offer at the last minute. Currently, the main hesitation for WWE does not come down to the money side, but the length of the deal.

Brock Lesnar may not want to sign a short term deal due to security of a long term contract. Or he simply feels a shorter one is better. Regardless, at least we know WWE is not worried on the money end of things. Rather, the two sides have to come to an agreement on how long his contract will be for. This shouldn’t be an issue that would result in Lesnar leaving WWE. However, contract negotiations have broken down for less in the past. Lesnar’s contract expires right after WrestleMania, so we won’t know until then if he is staying or not.

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