‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules Longs For ‘True Love’ Finalist While Engaged To Another?

The finale of ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season with Chris Soules is just a few episodes away, and fans can’t wait to see how it all ends. Around this time in every season, rumors run rampant and speculation that previous Bachelor spoilers are wrong start to escalate. There’s a big story hitting one magazine cover this week, but is there any truth to it?

The cover of Life & Style teases that there is a big fantasy suite betrayal this season that leads to the biggest scandal ever for the show. The headline touts that Chris Soules is engaged to one woman, but in love with someone else. Could there be any truth to this one? According to GossipCop, the story is completely fabricated.

According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, Chris Soules is engaged to Whitney Bischoff. Steve’s Bachelor spoilers have also indicated that Becca Tilley comes in second, with Kaitlyn Bristowe going home third after the overnight dates. According to the new story in Life & Style, it seems that Soules supposedly told one of those other women he loved her and slept with one of them, seemingly during those overnight dates.

The magazine goes on to claim that “instead of letting passion lead, Chris went with practicality” when it came to his final choice and proposal. The supposed insider also went on to say that Soules had a big breakdown in the final days, torn between his true love and the gal he thought would be a more logical choice to live her life with him on his Iowa farm.

The story even claims that Soules was in such despair over the choice that a production staffer was holding him by the shoulders and shaking sense into him in the sad scenario. Supposedly, Chris then send home the one he loved most and is still in love with her despite being engaged to his final choice.

While it makes for a very juicy story, GossipCop says that these supposed Bachelor spoilers are not true, per a show insider. When incorporating the Bachelor spoilers available via Reality Steve, it would seem that the mag would paint the scenario that Chris is in love with Kaitlyn over Whitney, and still longs for her. While Becca Tilley is said to be the runner-up, given how the show has progressed so far, it seems unlikely that it could be even conceivable that Becca would fit this scenario for the jilted true love.

What about Britt Nilsson, the current frontrunner? Reality Steve’s spoilers have indicated that she has a big meltdown during Sunday’s Episode 7 and heads home on her own. There’s been no word of any kind of epic shake-up with someone like Britt coming back, and so far all indications are solid that Whitney, Becca, and Kaitlyn are those final three.

Bischoff has been sharing social media posts that are pretty flattering of her time with Chris and on the show, leading many to think she is indeed happily engaged to Soules. Could there be another Jason Mesnick meltdown on the way at the end of this season, where Chris suddenly dumps Whitney to get a second chance with Kaitlyn or Becca? It seems highly unlikely.

By all accounts, Chris Soules is in love and happy, as he’s said as much himself and he doesn’t come off as a particularly skilled liar. While there may indeed be a meltdown of sorts in Bali during those final dates and the subsequent rose ceremony, there seems to be little in the way of existing Bachelor spoilers to indicate that Soules sends home his true love in order to keep a more practical choice.

Will fans have a shocking ending on their hands this season a la Desiree Hartsock with Chris Siegfried and Brooks Forester or Jason Mesnick with Molly and Melissa? Viewers are anxious to see these final few episodes and find out just where things stand between Chris Soules and his final choice. Will Reality Steve’s spoilers for ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season be right, or will there be some crazy twist ahead?

[Image via Craig Sjodin/ABC]