‘Vanderpump Rules’ Sneak Peek: Kristen Doute & James Kennedy Fight After She Leaves Wedding With Another Man?

In a Vanderpump Rules sneak peek at next week’s episode, fans are getting to see the first fight between Kristen Doute and her boyfriend, James Kennedy. While the couple are typically quite civil with one another, all hades breaks loose on Monday’s new episode, after Doute attempts to leave Scheana Marie and Mike Shay’s wedding with another man.

In the February 10 Vanderpump Rules sneak peek at the upcoming episode, Doute and Kennedy are at war.

“Kristen, how do you f**king do this to me? How do you f**king do this to me? You treat me with zero respect always. You treat me like a f**king boy toy.”

Upon confronting Doute and her guy in the Vanderpump Rules sneak peek, Kennedy gets in the face of the mystery man, which leads Doute to raise her voice.

“Excuse yourself! Excuse yourself!” she demands.

“F**k you, Kristen. Everyone talks s**t on you and it’s the f**king truth, because look at how you are treating the one person you love.”

After Kennedy approaches the man once again, Doute yells, “Out, out! I am done! Walk! You and I, we are done.”

“We are done then, Kristen, because you’re f**king unmanageable. You’re f**king unmanageable, babe. That’s why you’re f**king 31 and you’re never going to find a guy to marry you. You are a f**king slut and you’ve f**ked everybody at SUR.”

“Get away from me now,” Doute responds.

Also in the Vanderpump Rules sneak peek, Kennedy opened up about the incident in a Bravo confessional.

“Yes, I was being an a**hole, but if there’s one thing an a**hole doesn’t want to see it’s his girlfriend walking alone with some guy with a dumb face and a stupid beard.”

As the Inquisitr reported earlier this week, Jax Taylor was taken aback by the way Doute treated Kennedy, and took to his blog, where he reacted to her behavior.

“I really feel bad for the guy,” Taylor admitted of Kennedy on February 9.

“He’s a young kid who likes this girl and trying everything in his power to have a relationship with her, when she’s still pining over Tom Sandoval. It’s really sad. She’s so manipulative, it’s so clear to see that Kristen is clearly in the wrong here, and she’s making [James Kennedy] feel bad for believing Sandoval. It’s crazy how good she is at this.”

Check out the Vanderpump Rules sneak peek below, and tune into the new episode on Monday at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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