Baby Boy Dies After Being Hit By Coffee Mug Thrown During Parents’ Argument

A father from Ohio has been charged with murder after his baby boy was struck in the head with a coffee mug during an argument, sustaining a fatal head injury.

Anthony Benjamin Grove, 33, was arrested on Tuesday after a domestic incident led to the death of Zeeland Grove, his baby son. Staff at the Akron’s Children’s Hospital alerted police at around 2 a.m. to the serious head injury the two-month-old baby had sustained. The baby passed away around 11:30 a.m. the same day.

Investigators allege that the baby was struck in the head by a coffee mug that Grove threw in the course of a domestic dispute with the child’s mother. Anthony Grove was arrested on charges of murder, child endangerment, and domestic violence. Grove is currently being held at the Stark County Jail on $2 million bail.

Local residents were quick to display the shock they felt when the news of the baby’s death broke. Some asserted that Grove had anger issues, and would become violent while drinking. Edwin Davis recalled one such incident.

“He left my house, threw a beer can and I blocked it. Then he went to his house and I guess he started arguing with his girl,” he recalled. “He loved that baby. He was crazy about that baby. I can promise you that.”

Neighbors also said that Grove had a history of arguing with his girlfriend. Dorothea Stoudemire, who lives nearby, expressed her surprise at the news.

“It makes me feel so sad. A freak accident. They shouldn’t have been fighting. It’s just wild. Just sad,” she said.

Last month, a baby was killed in Missouri when the child’s five-year-old brother gained access to a.22 caliber pistol owned by their grandfather, William Porter. The five-year-old, whose name was not released, reportedly apologized to his mother, Alexis Wiederholt, after she rushed into the bedroom to find her nine-month-old baby bleeding profusely from a gunshot wound to the head. Wiederholt, who had traveled to her father’s house for National Guard duty, was unaware that a gun was even present in the building.

Grove was also arrested on a warrant for failing to appear in court for an unrelated theft case, in addition to the charges stemming from inadvertently striking his baby boy with the coffee mug.

[Image: Stark County Jail via the New York Daily News]