Beverly Hills Housewife Brandi Glanville Defends Her Alcoholism Comment About Bella, Claims She’s The ‘Most Exciting’ Thing In Eileen’s Life

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ Brandi Glanville addressed the drama with her co-stars on February 11.

In her Bravo blog, Glanville began by explaining her knowledge of addiction, which has become a major issue on Season 5 of the series.

“Addiction is not a negative label, and it’s not an insult. It’s being used by some people to label others in a negative light, which I find distasteful and shameful. It’s wrong and discriminatory to view an addict as a bad or somehow a lesser person. Addiction is serious and shouldn’t be tossed around lightly to diminish others or as a slur or to create dramatic effect or bring attention to the speaker.”

As for her claim regarding rumors of Bella Hadid’s alcoholism, which her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars Eileen Davidson, Kyle Richards, and Lisa Vanderpump have all denied hearing in their own blogs, Glanville claimed she was simply using Hadid as an example of how untruths are spread.

“I was making an example. ‘They say,’ (referring to tabloids, internet gossip blogs, and certain social circles) that something is true, so it has to be true right? No, wrong. Just because people say it or write about it doesn’t make it the truth. I was simply giving her an example of how I feel every time one of these women says something about me.”

Glanville also defended her behavior at Kyle’s mixer on Tuesday night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“After being confronted, attacked, insulted, screamed at, cursed out, over and over, and then seeing Kim treated badly, I lost my temper and came on stronger than I’d have liked to get Kyle to back down. I also regained my composer [sic], stood quietly to the side, waited until after Kyle was finished cursing Kim out. Then Mark and I got Kim out of there. That’s the best I could do under the circumstances Kyle handed us.”

Because of her recent feuds with Kyle, Glanville has been accused by many of coming in between the sisters, which she claims she hasn’t done.

“There seems to be a lot of talk of coming between sisters, so I’ll address this briefly,” she continued. “Kim asked me to be involved in her life. I’m her friend. It’s a privilege. I respect her privacy. I love her. That’s my choice and my business.”

However, as the Inquisitr reported last night, Glanville was seen recommending Kim distance herself from Kyle in a deleted scene from the show.

After hearing Kim defend her sister, claiming Kyle protects her in many ways, Glanville said, “This is why she can treat you this way — because you’ll always take her back. It is true. I’m sorry. Every time this happens you go back to her. It’s unhealthy. The point is, you can distance yourself from her. You can make her have respect for you. I am a good friend. I will protect you. I will.”

As for her drama with Eileen Davidson, Glanville had harsh words for the soap opera star, telling her, “You don’t know Kim, and you don’t know me. You don’t even know Kyle. Surely, with that Daytime Emmy and the Burbank Film Festival, you can find something to talk about every week besides me. Seriously. Anything. Or maybe, just maybe, I’m the most exciting thing in your life.”

Glanville was also frustrated with Lisa Rinna, who had serious questions about her relationship with Kim.

“We also saw Lisa R. being VERY concerned with labeling people she doesn’t know with the very strong word, ‘addiction.’ This seems like a pastime for her. She has no understanding of the definition of ‘enabler,’ either. But she knows it has negative connotations and it’s dramatic, so she uses it frequently and irresponsibly.”

As fans will recall, Kim admitted to suffering from addiction early on in the show, and eventually went to rehab to address her issues.

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