Little Girl Charged With Murder After Viciously Beating A Newborn Baby To Death [Video]

In an unbelievably horrific tale of violence, an eleven-year-old girl is being charged with murder in the beating death of a 2-month-old baby girl. The baby’s gruesome injuries, caused by one so very young, has left police so stunned that Wickliffe Police Chief Randy Ice is considering counseling for the officers who responded to the scene.

According to a report from USA Today, Chief Ice states that, in his 30 years of police work, this is one of the most disturbing murder cases he’s seen. Officials from Lake County, including the police chief, say they have never seen a child charged with murder at such a tender age. In addition, she seems to show no remorse for her brutal actions, though when asked by a judge if she understood that she was being charged with murder, her response was yes. The girl’s name, and that of her mother, are not being released due to the murder suspect’s young age. According to Randy Ice, a psychiatric evaluation will be performed.

“We’re trying to figure out what would motivate someone to do something like that. And so far, we haven’t come up with an answer… I’m not sure she appreciated the gravity of what she did.”

The child who has been charged with murder asked if the baby, Zuri Whitehead, could sleep over. Her mother agreed to the idea, hoping to give her friend, Trina Whitehead, a break from the newborn since she has three other children at home. As reported by CNN, that night while her mom dozed on the couch, the eleven-year-old took the baby upstairs and returned downstairs about forty-five minutes later with the abused infant. Zuri was bleeding and her head was swollen.

Tiny Zuri suffered extensive injuries to her brain, liver, kidney, and spleen. Though 911 was called immediately, Zuri sadly died at the hospital while in surgery.

Trina Whitehead states that her other children have spent the night at the murder suspect’s home with no problem. The two moms are best friends, and Whitehead has not noticed any type of erratic behavior from the charged girl that would cause her to be concerned.

“I definitely trusted her. I never thought my baby would be put in some type of harm.”

The situation is charged with sadness at this tragic death of an innocent baby. Trina is leaning on her faith to get through.

“All she wanted was to be was held and loved.”

Ohio law does not allow anyone under the age of 14 to be tried as an adult, but this young girl charged with murder could be sentenced to a state Department of Youth Services facility until she reaches the age of 21.

Should Zuri’s killer be charged with murder, or charged with something less offensive, due to her age? Watch this video for further details.

[Image via the Mirror]